01 July 2012

A Change of Plans + Sunday Scripture

What is my DH doing wearing sandals and no jacket in the snow?
Well at one point DH, DDD and I were headed towards another location,
near the coast where sandals and no jacket would be quite appropriate.
But because of a horribly snarled highway...more like a parking lot really,
plans changed
and we headed upwards,
above the timber line.
Here we are passing a wigwam burner...
do you remember these? They are a vivid memory from my childhood;
I always stop and take a photo or two when I see one
(or, as I did here, I capture a photo from a moving car).
At one of my favorite viewpoints.
No view of the mountain today;
lots of beautiful flowers and peace though.
Here is a closer view.
I am 'dying' to know what kind of flower these are...
they are soft (yes I touched one; I had to know),
they remind me a bit of a spirae's bloom.
Anyone know?
And an even closer view...
LOVE these:)
 Some views from further up...off the main road
(you know how I love to do that;
after we got home and I found more info about the road we were on,
I wished we had gone further on it).
Lots and lots of wildflowers everywhere made me happy,
despite the sometimes rainy conditions which made taking photos not as fun as usual.
But if we in the PNW stayed indoors everytime it rained,
we would never get outside:) LOL..
More to come on Monday.

This week has not been easy.
As you know part of our family made their way back home
after a wonderful visit
and we feel their absence acutely.

Additionally we have had issues with our house that have been frustrating to say the least.

Finally, some places very dear to my heart have been experiencing wildfires
and for more than a moment we thought they might be gone forever. Tonight though comes the good news that staff again walk the beautiful grounds I have loved since 1977...
thank you Lord for preserving Glen Eyrie that it might continue to be used to give You glory and honor.

I will praise the Name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving...
Let the heaven and earth praise Him, the seas, and everything that moveth therein.
Psalms 22:30, 34 KJV

At the same time, I feel a great sadness for the hundreds affected by the fires in our mountain states, especially those left homeless and those who have lost loved ones. May God be with all of them and the brave firefighters.


Sallyo said...

That picture of the wigwam burner brought back a ton of memories! My dad worked in the lumber business the whole time we were growing up. I think we stopped at every small sawmill in the northwest when we went on trips in the area.
Thanks for the memory!

by Teresa said...

Dear Aimee, what beautiful flowers, I don't know the name either, hope you find out. I can relate to your missing your family. I'm suffering greatly right now -- missing my granddaughters. My daughter is posting photos on facebook and they baby is growing up in front of my eyes and I'm missing it all. Tragic. Hugs, T

aimee said...

Hi, Sally~
So good to hear from you! Been thinking of you:) I hope your family is well. We just had a visit from our son (the one you know about); it was really nice to see him and his family.
I am so glad to have brought back good memories for you! I didn't know that about your dad:) Wigwam burners were definitely a part of my childhood; I remember seeing them along the roads--especially when we were traveling to southern Oregon.
I hope your area is not suffering from the wildfires...stay safe!

aimee said...

Hi, Teresa~
Aren't they beautiful? They were at 'our' favorite viewpoint in Sandy. I will probably have to ask my best friend, who has extensive history in landscaping/gardening what they are.
I do understand...the thing is we are missing our grandkids growing up, but they are missing our frequent influence in their lives too! Some of my best memories were of my grandparents--fishing for catfish, her food, homemade snow cones, etc. They lived less then one day's distance from us, so we saw them quite a bit. My other grandma lived several days travel from us, so I have far less memories of her.
Really hope that you will be able to see your granddaughters this summer...
Blessings + hugs,

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