06 July 2012

Craving Chocolate? A Trip to Moonstruck

Hope you had a great 4th of July~

Awhile back, when my DDIL was still here, she decided that it was time for me to make good on something I had been promising her for a long time. I decided it was a great idea too so we headed off to the Moonstruck location we had visited after a trip to Ft Vancouver quite awhile ago.

Now let me say, I have known about Moonstruck (aka chocolate heaven) for a few years now---actually since I was still working outside the home. One of my fellow co-workers, as a thank you gift, rewarded staff with some huge chocolate bars from there. My choice then? The Mayan--a delicious combo of cinnamon, crushed almonds and chocolate. It was love at first sight (smell, taste. touch) and that love continues to this day.

Well of course after that initial experience (and the ones following it), I had to introduce my sweet DIL to their chocolate; I knew she was the kind who would appreciate it:) So I did...and now she (and others in her family) share the same love I have of this most yummy chocolate. See what a good influence I have on others:)
Anyway, back to our visit...since photos often speak louder than words, I will let them do the talking (or at least most of it)...
Doesn't she look SO grown up in this cute outfit?
My current favorite...I could eat one of these everyday! I love citrus flavored chocolate.
Yum! LOVE Moonstruck chocolates!


Thank you to the staff of Moonstruck who gave permission for photos to be taken
and posted on this blog.
As always, unless otherwise stated,
 I am not associated with Moonstruck in any way except as a satisfied customer!
Here is their website should you want to check them out:


by Teresa said...

Now you're talking my language.. chocolate! I wish there was a store on the East side! Not a one of those is convenient for me.. which one do you go to? Thanks for the fun pix! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I did not know that you also speak chocolatese; we must be kindred spirits then:)Maybe some time your travels will bring you by one of their locations...I think you would really like their chocolates!
To answer your question-I went to the Lake Oswego location since that was the one we stopped by before. I've also found their 'bar' chocolate at a gallery and even, once, in a Fred Meyer store.I love chocolate, can you tell?

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