03 July 2012

A Change of Plans: At the Top of the Road

If it were sunny, the views up the road would have been gorgeous.
As it was they were still beautiful!
For a lot of the route there are trees on both sides,
but in some places it looks more like this.
Yea, we made it to Timberline--home of the beautiful historic lodge.
As my hubby didn't feel too good we didn't walk in the lodge this time;
next time I will--after all I want to see their wonderful St Bernard dog
and see the lodge again.
It has been way too long!
And yes, I did take a photo but it is too obscured by fog and such to see it clearly.
When I was younger our family spent a night there
(I LOVE historic lodges and have been in several);
they had an outdoor swimming pool and it was fun to freeze and then warm up.
I had a memorable incident there...and so did the young man who must have been SO surprised when I ended up holding onto him for dear life; poor guy. If you are out there in my bit of cyberland and reading this...THANK YOU for being there!
Lesson learned: always tie back your long hair when swimming because it is very hard to breathe when it gets into your face:(
Oh I almost forgot to mention that one can ski year round at Timberline;
now isn't that awesome?
Snow in some areas; none in others.
Soon to come--I hope--wildflowers:)
I love alpine wildflowers!
I can hear you now...
what are those strange looking black things in the photo?
I'll give you one clue...
PNW 'spring' weather:)
Anyway, we passed quite a few runners on the way...towards the top there were a lot of them with their shirts off. Considering the steep grade, I don't blame them! During the summer there is a special event in which teams run from Mt Hood to Seaside (Hood to Coast). We got stuck behind a group one time...it was interesting but not much fun:)
Another not so perfect photo---but considering the speed we were traveling and the trees,
it does kinda show what I wanted you to see,
the alpine slide at ski bowl.
They also have HORSES I found out,
a chair lift you can ride in the summer
(I did that in Washington state one time at an area up there)
and trails besides other things.
This is all during the summer season of course.
LOTS of changes since my last visit....
Last, but definitely NOT least--man's (and women's too) best friend. 
When we first saw this cute pooch he looked as if he was driving.
But by the time I got my window down to take his photo
(because he looked SO cute),
Mr Pup got a whiff of my french fries
and this is the photo I got.
Still very cute I think:)

What is your fav mountain area?
Do you hike, ride horses or participate in other activities during the summer at one?


Photos and info about the Timberline Lodge,
a national historic landmark


Grayseasailor said...

Thanks for taking me along on your trip, Aimee! [Just read and enjoyed your last post, too.]
Hope you and yours have a happy July 4th celebration!
Gracie <3

aimee said...

You are most welcome:)Glad you enjoyed the trip!
Wishing you a happy and meaningful 4th of July also.

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