02 July 2012

A Change of Plans: Pt II

Further up the mountain road we saw this view--
lots of trees;
hillsides full of lots of beautiful trees!
Even though I would have preferred sunnier conditions,
there is something very magical and special about the mountains when you have low clouds and
wisps of fog on the tree covered slopes.  
A runaway truck ramp.
If you look closely you will actually see marks on the ramp.
The grade here is a steep 6% and the road curvy;
sometimes truck brakes fail...
I am glad they have this for emergencies.

I don't remember a ramp here before;
of course it has been years since I've been up this far
(we used to ski on this mountain when I was a teenager).
My most vivid memories of seeing runaway truck ramps are of the ones on the Grapevine--
that famous -- or some would say -- infamous section of road leading into southern California.
I never drove it,
but I did drive in Los Angeles rush hour traffic once and loved it--
of course I LOVE challenges:)
 Up we go...climbing higher
 A not too perfect photo of our perfect native rhododendrons.
They were everywhere we looked...as were other native plants and wildflowers.
The forest floor, which I BADLY wanted a photo of, was SO incredibly beautiful...
I was in awe at this creation of the Father.
A roadside waterfall--one of three.
Not too bad of photo considering we were driving at about 45 mph and my camera was set to a high shutter speed. Still, I prefer waterfall photos that make the falling water look silky
(but one must stop for that kind of photo and to do that, one must have a safe place to park).
More coming---at the top of the road.


Sighs and moans of frustration...my Internet reception is alternating between weak and good today.
Oh, it must be that summer hasn't come to the PNW yet...:(


by Teresa said...

I am always trying to figure out where you are in these posts. I do hope we get some sunny weather soon! Happy 4th of July! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

For you my friend I will "spill the beans"...these were all taken in the Mt Hood area between the city of Sandy and Timberline. Most were taken on main roads; a few were taken on side roads (like the ones by the river, the viewpoint, etc.).
I can hardly wait to go there again...hopefully on a sunnier day so I can see more at the top:)It is a beautiful drive, as is the road that continues on into Hood River.
I am hoping for sunshine too. It is hard to wait for the PNW's unofficial start of summer--July 5:)
PS: Most of the photos yesterday + today were actually taken on the way down; however I posted them in the approximate order of ascent so they would make more sense to visitors. Hope that helps answer your question...

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