28 September 2012

In the Heart of the Tillamook Burn: Pt 2

From Thursday~
This morning, as I sat in the family room waiting for a load of wash to finish,
I found myself again wishing to be in the heart of the Tillamook Forest ...
walking over this suspension bridge,
eating lunch on the deck near the Wilson river,
hiking through the magical world of light and shadow that is the forest,
and feasting on the beautiful color of the changing leaves!
Yes, at this time of the year,
the forest often calls me
and my heart answers...
soon, my beloved, soon.
Have a blessed day,

Special thanks!
A very special thank you to Teresa for pointing out the monster in the river--love, love, love it!
So do YOU see it too?
Near and at the Tillamook Forest Center
(see last post for their website).


by Teresa said...

Aimee.. did you see the monster face on the big rock on the last photo? It's so funny! Love your forest pix. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

NO! I didn't see it till you mentioned it! You, my blogger friend, just MADE my day--I LOVE it:) Thanks and thanks again for pointing the 'rock monster' out to me!

Happy you enjoyed my trip into the forest! Already planning this weekend's and then my annual birthday trip:)


Grayseasailor said...

I enjoyed all the pictures...and the monster after I spotted him with your prompting :) He did make me chuckle. Thanks for posting!
xxx from Gracie

aimee said...

Isn't he cute? I can't believe I didn't see him before after all the time I spent going through the photos:) Glad Teresa's sharp eyes spotted him for all of us!
Hope you are having a very nice weekend.

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