25 September 2012

What Week is THIS?

Take a Child Outside - September 24-30
My surviving sibling and I grew up camping and traveling with our parents
throughout the western United States and also in western Canada.
They were good days...
and we were left with a deep appreciation of the beauty
and the wonder
of the natural world.
I am glad that my grandkids are also growing up with special memories too.
So are you planning anything special to do with your
 kids, grandkids, nieces,
nephews, younger siblings this week?
Click on the above logo or follow this link to get some ideas
I celebrated the start of this week by taking my child
(OK, my hubby who--with me--is still a child at heart)
to the Tillamook Forestry Center
and we LOVED it!
I will have photos of our time there as soon as blogger decides to cooperate with me:)
It is a great place to spend time learning about the forest
(autumn colors can be seen now-mostly reds)
and the devastation of forest fires
(the horrific Tillamook burn),
the wonder of reforestation
(in which school children played a part),
early and pioneer life in this gorgeous area,
to hike,
to climb a fire tower,
to cross a suspension bridge over the Wilson River
and to savor all the beauty of this amazing area!
(they also have some very nice interactive activities for kids there this week)
Hope you get your little ones
(and bigger ones)
out in nature this week!


by Teresa said...

We've had our grandson for 3 days and will have him 1 more. We've been outside all afternoon. He's been driving his little battery powered Jeep. He's a doll.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

And that is the way it should be:) Enjoy your little guy!

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