25 September 2010

Coastal Wanderings: Scones, Lattes & More

As you probably know by now,
I LOVE farmers, farm stands and farm markets!
And so it was with GREAT delight that we found a new-to-me place to stop on the coast---
Bear Creek Artichokes!!
And here are my top ten reasons for placing this market on my list of places I want to return to!

1) The location--
incredible scenery close at hand and
located next to Highway 101
2) The variety of things for sale--
I didn't even see everything till I was home going through the photos I had taken!

3) The beautiful fruit--
here are several varieties of apples, Seckel pears and Asian pears.
So beautiful!
I honestly wish I could shop at places like this all the time

(we used to have one nearby--sigh--then lost it to 'progress')

4) Beautiful plants, birdbath, birdhouses, other nursery items--
even compost!

5) Need I say more??
Everyone in the PNW knows what walla walla onions are--
tomatoes and more!
Can you see the pretty countryside?

6) Grapes--specifically Niagara & Concord grapes!
These are my absolute, all time favorite--
every year I eagerly await my birthday because it means our grapes will be ripe and ready to eat. I need to confess, seeing these---I couldn't wait and we bought some.
They were all gone within a day or two and my DH doesn't eat them:)

7) I am in LOVE with these tables--
love, love, love them
(and those LOCAL green beans don't look bad either!)
I love stir fried green beans and tofu--

8) And more fresh veggies--
I could make a dinner just from these:)

9) Freshly baked, just out of the oven, warm and incredibly delicious peach scones!

Needless to say these were devoured within minutes--
They also have good lattes and such, according to my coffee loving trip companions!
And ...

10) the LOCAL-to-that area owners were totally awesome!!
Happy Travels & Blessings Always,

Note: TY to the kind owners of Bear Creek Artichokes for giving me permission to post the photos I took there here on AOTM; if you would like to know more about them see their website here. As per the usual--I am in no way associated with them, but thought it a fun place to stop on the northern coast!
Contact Info:
Located just about 11 miles south of Tillamook.
Note to Visitors:
First of all, I want to take a moment to say hi to all blog visitors!
It absolutely amazes me to see that people from the different states, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa have stopped by here! I am humbled by that.
Know that you're welcome-whether you are a one time visitor or a more regular one and
TY for stopping by!
Secondly, I'm seriously thinking about taking a short blogging break (about 1/2 week) to take care of some things. Will continue, upon my return, with some more photos of the Tillamook-Garibaldi area, our fun trip to Mo's--a well known restaurant on the Oregon coast--and ???
See ya then!
God bless,

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