03 November 2009

Note, question & comment

First the note part---I wanted to apologize for my very tardy response and posting of the last several comments. I SO appreciate all my readers and enjoy reading any comments I recieve--I just want you to know that. Soon the worst part of the BIG project will be behind my Farmer Boy and I can feel better about being on the web....until then I ask that you please be patient with my posting of the comments---oh and some posts too:)

Secondly the question. Awhile back my (actually my DH's camera) was treated to a few minutes in our sandy raised bed as I was weeding there. Despite the fact that it (the raised beds) are quite a pleasant place to be if you are a plant, they are not so good for cameras I discovered. Since then--we are talking months and months--I have had to edit many photos I take to delete the not so lovely blotch some have. Also I am just not too happy with the camera's resolution anymore...
So my question is---what type of camera would you recommend for someone looking for a digital in the $250-300 range? Any comment about the one you are recommending? I thank anyone in advance who is willing to reply.

Finally the comment--I just wanted to say that I hope you are all well and filled with peace this autumn day.


sallyo said...

A little tardy, but fwiw: I just started using a Cannon powershot digital camera that is in that price range. It does just about everything I want it to (although, I'm still learning how to work with it better).
Also, fwiw: the magazines where I work use Cannon cameras for their photo assignments.

aimee said...

Not tardy at all & very appreciated! Hope all is well with you & your family:)

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