23 July 2012

At the Viewpoint

After our adventures in the Coast Range,
our evening at the Cape
we headed towards a favorite viewpoint.
 The view was spectacular--how can one not like the setting sun over the sea?
A crane stood in the pond below us and the wildflowers glowed in the last rays of sun.
And the birds?
 Well the birds quickly came to know that my hubby and I would do them no harm...
and came close enough that we could have reached out and touched them.
Had they let us
(but then we would have never done that,
being the type of humans birds can trust).
Does anyone know what kind of birds these are?
They were incredible!
Coming soon:
 more lavender farms (if you're interested),
lavender goodness (if I find time),
at the Cape (because I LOVE it there),
adventure in the coast range
(talk about roads less traveled)
and whatever else strikes my or your fancy.
I do take requests, you know:)


by Teresa said...

Those are cool birds, but I don't know what they are! I hope you find out. Enjoy your adventures. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I think they are too! I guess I'm going to have to check my mom's bird book to find out what they were.
I had a dream about you this AM--isn't that funny since we've never met other then on the Internet? Can't remember the details though now:)

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