01 December 2011

Fragrances of the Season

As I surround myself with a little bit of Advent and Christmas everyday (both outwardly and inwardly) my mind turns to seasonal foods and of course two of my favorites--fattigman and Finnish pinwheels.
Awhile back I bought the equipment I needed to make fattigman and some other Nordic treats; this year I hope to be able to put them to use---even though I LOVE any excuse to go to Astoria--home of my fav bakery--I really can't go there everyday (or can I)?

What treats will you be baking this year? Do you have a family tradition of baking during this time of the year (or would you like to start one)? The thought of filling my home with the smells of cardamom, nutmeg and other spices makes me smile and makes me hungry too!

Advent Blessings from my home to yours,

Photo: photo taken earlier this year after one of those trips to Astoria. Shown: one Finnish pinwheel (yummy prune filling) and several fattigmann. China tea things and lace 'tabletopper' (which is now being used as a valance in our kitchen) are from my mom's collection. Since her death I have tried to surround myself with special items that remind me of her.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Ok, those cookies look TASTY GOOD :) :) I'd find an excuse to drive to Astoria every day...although from where I'm at now, that's rather far :) love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

aimee said...

Hi, Heather!
Let me assure you--they are wonderful!! Last time I ate a whole box myself (and it wasn't a small box)!
I bet Solvang has a bakery--sometime you will have to make a trip down there...if you can tear yourself away from the incredible place you are in now that is:)
Advent Blessings,

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