09 September 2011

Of an Octopus, Starfish and Marine Life

How about a trip to the coast?

OK, let me take you on a trip to one of my favorite places on the central Oregon coast--

a place I have been visiting for many (and I do mean MANY) years:)

Wow-that was a quick drive!

It seems like it took no time at all

and here we are already on the southern side of beautiful Yaquina Bay!

Shall we go in and explore?

Ah!!! The famous octopus--so famous that he/she gets his/her own webcam.

You think I am kidding??

No and many people (I included) think that is awesome!

Anything that helps people understand, appreciate and then take good stewardship of our marine life is OK with me!

A favorite of mine--

did you know that starfish come in so many colors?

Which one do you like best?

And how about this fellow...

shhh, I think he is watching us.

I think he is rather good looking--kind of distinguished.

And this---beautiful!

It is amazing that there is so much color below the surface of the ocean

and in tidal pools.

Go ahead -- touch -- it is OK here.

And there are always great staff here to help and answer questions.

I like places where people like what they are doing!

BTW---I touched a fish when I was here--it was COOL!

Well--there is a lot more to see here (lots of exhibits)

but I do need to get a few tasks done today so...

outside we go.

You know if I had planned better we could have done the nature hikes along the bay

or gone to a lighthouse

or ??

There is a LOT to do in Newport, you know--

or do you know?

But for now we shall enjoy a few flowers and then bid goodbye to the coast

until next time...

LOVE this place:)



Note: TY to the wonderful staff at OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center

and for permission to post these photos on my blog. If you get a chance to visit the Oregon coast I would definitely recommend a visit here, especially if you have kids. It is a place to see, hear, touch and learn more about the coast and marine life. Here is their main website: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

I've taken my kids and grandkids to this part of the Oregon coast many times and we love it! What fun to see an octopus up close and personal.

aimee said...

It reminds me of an 'OMSI' of the ocean--I love the fact that it is SO interactive!

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