09 September 2011

10 Days + Counting

I am 10 days into my retreat now and am learning to embrace some changes I have made (but am also seeing other changes that would be good to make). Some changes I have made (and am loving) are:
1. Less TV time. Before the retreat started my DH and I had made a decision to cut way back on our satellite TV package--meaning all the premium channels and some other ones too. I have found that I do not miss them at ALL and it costs less too.

2. More time spent in reading. I have always loved reading--as a child I spent hours reading our encyclopedias, Bible Story books, Nancy Drew and books about horses (of course). During this retreat (and a bit before) I have already read 4 books or so and am in the process of reading more, including one on how to be thrifty (written in the early 1800's). A very interesting read -- some things just do not change:)

3. More quiet time. One of the blogs I read--morningramble.blogspot.com--talks about quietness a lot. Our house has always been filled with noise--but I am finding that I LOVE the quiet--especially the (relative) quiet of the night and early morning! By this I mean it isn't perfectly quiet at those times--one does hear the beautiful sounds of nature and maybe a passing car or two, but these sounds are peaceful ones.

4. More music/Christian radio time. Am finding that I like this much more then TV.

5. Practicing the 'presence of God' -- not just during Bible reading and prayer, but also when you are doing chores in the kitchen, outside or wherever. Still learning about this.

Still have some more goals for this retreat--but preparations for making these goals are still underway so I will wait to post about them:) And now--it is time to get back to today's tasks...


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