06 September 2011

Playing: Fireworks

A little over one year into my new camera,

I am enjoying playing with its many features...

that is except for the


zoom lens.

I just have this nagging fear of taking off my 'regular' lens

and then not being able to get any lens on.

I know, I know-

I will someday just do it and then wonder why it took me so long to try it:)


But back to the topic -- playing.

Here are some of the results of my play time this summer.

I had no idea what settings to choose,

so it was a guessing game...

but that also made it fun!

Come to think of it. I still don't know what settings I chose

unless I look at the specs for the photos.

Maybe by next year I will know what I am doing:)

Some of them remind me of how my hair ends get when they are really dry--

like this one and the one above it.

And my favorites? The ones with several different colors:)

Playing can be fun!



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