17 March 2012

A Journey to a Wee Bit of Éire

I'd love to someday go to Ireland;

to visit the land which some of my ancestors called home.

THAT would be sweet...

But since I can't go this year,

a little journey to Irish Portland will have to do.

My Irish eyes were smiling because we had finally arrived

AND got parking right in front of the restaurant!

Our destination!

They were busy setting up for the St Patrick's Day Festival...

how I would love to be there to see Irish dancing,

hear Irish music and enjoy more great Irish food!

A tradition of caring...money collected throughout the year

from Kell's patrons and matched by the kind owners (sorry about the photo quality; I was actually trying to shoot something else and then realized what I had captured).

Personable servers too!

And the food...

Irish lamb stew----yum! Makes me hungry again just to look at the photo:)

Shepherd's Pie, soup of the day (chowder) and

corned beef and cabbage

(all good)

Irish soda bread (traditional)...one of the best I've had!

Great texture and taste; no raisins.

Part of our Irish experience in our visit to Portland this month!




Kells is well known in this area and has recieved honors before.

A few things to keep in mind...in this area of Portland,

parking can be hard to find (in my opinion at least).

There are parking places (with meters which accept cash or cards);

some paid lots too. Portland also has a mass transit system with MAX trains and buses.

Some times are obviously busier than others--we visited at a slower time and were there about 1 1/2 hours. Kells has Irish dancing and music throughout the year -- see their website for details. Loved their servers--very personable; loved the atmosphere too! And -- loved the Irish food; a great way to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2012!

As usual, I am in no way associated with Kells (or any restaurant for that matter);

just wanting to pass on a good place to eat for those in the PNW.

A BIG thank you to the kind staff who assisted and waited on us while we were there;

a BIG thank you for permission to take photos and post them on my blog.

Can hardly wait to go back...


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

Nobody in town celebrates St. Patrick's Day with more enthusiasm than Kell's. It's always loud and crazy, but everybody has a great time. I'm so happy you enjoyed your corned beef cooked in a crock pot. It's my favorite way to prepare it. Thank you so much for the link to my blog. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family.

aimee said...

You are SO right about Kells Cathy-we had a great time there! As for your crockpot method to cook corned beef...I intend to use it every year because it was SO easy and delicious!
Thank you again for your great recipes, cooking blog and comment here. Hope your St Patrick's Day was also a good one:)

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