12 March 2012

Happy to be Celtic...

Both Farmer Boy and I have a Celtic heritage--

he shows it in those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes of his

and I show it in my tendency to get freckles and LOVE of Celtic music :)

This Saturday, we like many others will celebrate St Patrick's Day with the usual fare--

corned beef (check--snapped one up a week or so ago),

cabbage (oops! Forgot to pick some up),

carrots (yep), potatoes (ditto the cabbage), Irish soda bread (absolutely...

but my DDIL promises to send me the recipe she uses which is SO good),
butter (yep, although I am thinking of picking up some Irish butter now)

and some kind of dessert (still looking for one...)



Yes, we celebrate St Patrick's Day,

all the while wishing my DDIL was here

(not only for her and the grandkids sweet company,

but because she just happens to make the BEST Irish soda bread

and corned beef of anyone I know).

BTW--our DDIL is part Irish heritage wise too.

We like Irish things, did I tell you that?


We will celebrate St Patrick's Day with a little wearin' of the green

(because I don't like being pinched and also because I LOVE green--

sage green and emerald green especially);

perhaps I'll even wear a scarf, sweater or shawl from Ireland

(found a beautiful pink one in mom's collection).

We will see...

Maybe I'll display the photo my friend took in Ireland

or possibly watch movies filmed there.

Could even watch the History Channel if they have a special

about Ireland or St Patrick's Day.
But, to tell the truth, if I really had my wish,

I'd be celebrating this St Patrick's Day in Ireland...

walking the grounds of an Irish Monastery or the green, green fields there;

eating some yummy Irish lamb stew or trying my first REAL Irish breakfast.
Or kissing the Blarney Stone

(not so likely as I prefer to not be dangling backwards over high places--

not that I've ever tried this feat, but it sounds SCARY).


Well, back to dreaming...

but before I go,

I just have to know---

how do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?

And while we are at it...do you believe in Leprechauns

and rainbows with a pot of gold at the end of them?

Blessings, Aimee

Links/resources to check out if you'd like:

(a blog I want to read more of---recipes, history, traditions, etc)

(Irish soda bread and other info)

(poem/prayer for protection, attributed to St Patrick)

(An older movie made in Ireland...my DH + I like old, classic movies.

Any ones old or newer you'd recommend?)


BrittArnhild said...

Happy celebrations.

I fell in love with celtic spirituality when I first visited the Holy Island, Lindisfarne. Have been there three times now, you might have seen it in my blog.

Hope to go back some day.

aimee said...

Thank you Britt-Arnhild; I've already started the celebrations with a nice Irish meal with my oldest son and a friend:) There will be more to come later this week...
You've been to Lindisfarne? How I would LOVE to go there --- I will have to do a search for it on your blog when things settle down here!

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