17 March 2012

St Patrick's Day Food

St Patrick's Day morn' found me very tired after getting little sleep last night

(I was staying with my dad at my sibling's home while they were out of town).

My DH, who had my car, picked me up and gave me a little St Patrick's Day treat...

one of my favorites with a little seasonal flair

(see last photo).

It was yummy:)

Earlier I had decided to cook our corned beef in a crockpot per Cathy's

(http://www.wiveswithknives.net/2012/03/13/st-patricks-day-dinner-colcannon/) instructions. This method of cooking worked beautifully...I was able to catch up on a little sleep AND also do some more family heritage research (discovering even more Celts in my ancestry). After 2 hours on high, 6 1/2 on low, I boiled some potatoes and placed the Irish soda bread (purchased) in the oven to warm while the corned beef simmered 1/2 more hour.

Irish butter, hot honey mustard, horseradish sauce, sparkling apple cider and place settings on the table; cabbage to boil in the last 8 minutes...and I was done!

An easy meal but very, very tasty meal for a tired Irish lass and her Celtic Farmer Boy:)

Next year, I will try Cathy's glaze and perhaps her recipe for Colcannon,

something I have never--to my recollection--had.

I heartily recommend her site to you and hope you will check it out.

Well---time to finish a few things and then off to bed I go...

How was your day?




Still not sure about the place setting--

next year I might try a darker green plate with the chocolate colored ones; we'll see...

Another Irish site I found recently

(Irish blessings in Gaelic, English along with pronunciation and more)

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