16 March 2012

Of Yummies (+ Sweet Shamrocks)

Recently one of the bloggers I follow, Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy, mentioned a favorite bakery of hers...and she just happened to include a photo of one of their tarts (she takes phenomenal photos). Since I had already made plans for a trip to the 'big city', I checked out their website, drooled (without making a mess) over their menu and added 'Baker + Spice Bakery' to our itinerary.

Craving deliciousness and noticing that they had St Patrick's Day treats, I decided that the bakery would be our first stop once we got to the city. Soon we were there...
Baker + Spice Bakery is popular and there was a tiny bit of a line...

(if you go to their website and read about the bakers, you will know why).

Meanwhile my eyes pored over the many taste treat possibilities and then it was our turn!

The next few minutes were filled with the wonderful sight of their awesome staff filling a box and bags with chocolate dipped shortbread (shared yummies), lemon treats (for me), chocolate cookies (DH) and more...and we even got advice on what temperature to serve one of the treats at (in all my many, and I do mean many, decades of life, that has never happened--and I've been to a lot of good bakeries).

And tonight...well let me just say Alicia was SO right (but then I knew she would be)!

See--this is proof that bloggers really do make a difference in other's lives.

If you are in the Portland area, this is a definite recommend:)

Blessings, Aimee

If you haven't already done so, I recommend a visit to Alicia's wonderful blog, Posie Gets Cozy,

(Alicia is a very talented crafter, cook and photographer; she also likes Carl Larsson, as do I and IKEA. Her recently remodeled craft/sewing room is truly amazing!)

A BIG thank you to the staff of the Baker + Spice Bakery who gave me permission to post a photo of their sign on my blog. As per the usual...I am in no way associated with the bakery (except for possibly being their newest happy customer)!

My apologies for any mispellings, bad grammar and any other errors in this post...one of my contacts and I had a slight disagreement earlier. I did not win, so now it is resting comfortably in its case and I am feeling a bit challenged vision wise:)

Tomorrow, if my contact decides to play nice,

our pre St Patrick's Day trip to Portland, Oregon will continue. And now it is time for the right to join the left and the contact wearer to get to bed. Night!

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