25 April 2012

The Journey Continues: Pt II

Our journey continues with more mountains
(of course)
Here is a photo of a very loved Washington mountain...
it is one that always puts a smile on my face.
In fact, it is where I celebrated an early birthday last year.
 Not sure what this is, but I like all the cut out figures!
Time passes quickly at 70 mph and before you know it,
you are in Olympia--the capital of Washington.
No time to sightsee though because we are still hours from our destination.
And so I catch a couple quick photos as our vehicle turns onto Highway 101
 and we head towards my favorite PNW fjord and a lot of good memories:)
(to be continued later).


by Teresa said...

Aimee, I just love your new header! I lived on my sailboat in Friday Harbor for 4 months, so the ferries bring back wonderful memories for me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee, my first comment poofed away. Hope this one works. Love your new header! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

TY SO much Teresa! I love this photo of a ferry too because it brings back good memories of when I lived in Seattle and many vacations spent in Washington too.

Speaking of sailboats...we saw a lot of them (spent time at a wooden boat shipyard also)--and I thought of you and your sailboat. We own a motor boat, but there is nothing as beautiful or fun to watch then a sailboat IMO.


aimee said...

Oh--both of your comments did show up as you can see...being the comment lovin' blogger that I am, I decided to publish them---LOL! TY for making the extra effort to leave a comment:)

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