27 April 2012

Journey to a Victorian Seaport

Beautiful, beautiful Port Townsend!
You didn't really think I could stay away from you for too long, did you?
 No! Many, many years ago you touched my heart and left a piece of yourself inside it.
And every so often that piece of you calls me back for a visit..
a visit to your bays
 (and sometimes a trip on your ferries), 
 walks and drives past your gorgeous historic buildings
(this, BTW, is my favorite--the Hastings building;
as you can see construction was going on when we were there),
 and many, many visits to both downtown
(where my favorite chocolates are sold and my favorite bookstore is)
(where the nice Victorian ladies used to hang out and now deer roam)

Oh yes, Port Townsend has deer roaming around its streets...
in fact I was talking to my DD when the person I was with screamed out
Being the deer lover I am,
I had to get some photos.
Isn't modern technology fun?  

 We were not far from these gorgeous churches when we had the deer sighting...
the first of many.

While there I read a rather funny article on the relationship of the 'native' deer to
the town and its people.
I know that we LOVE our deer visitors too
and I am always happy to share some berries with them when they grace us with a visit.

But back to these churches...
I wonder if my great-great aunt went to one of them or did she go to church in a different town? So much has been revealed lately about her time in Washington;
so much more still to learn...
Family history is an ongoing project here at my house:)
A most enjoyable one!

Here is a close up of one of the stained glass windows.
I LOVE stained glass...
I would have loved to go inside and take a photo with the sunshine coming through them.
When I was younger, my parents had a house built.
It had some old stained glass windows
and some old beams from a barn in it.
So, as you can tell, I come from a family of stained glass window lovers:)
I leave you with a photo of the historic bell tower,
also located on the bluff (uptown area).
More later...


Grayseasailor said...

Aimee, you are a good spokeswoman for Port Townsend! Now I am certain I want to explore it for myself, after viewing this post. Techie stuff is so much fun to use! I just figured out how to copy and paste on my iPad/iPhone and print from them, too. Woohoo! I really like stained-glass too. <3

aimee said...

Thank you so much! I really love the Olympic Peninsula and Port Townsend and am happy to be considered a spokeswoman for that area (and hopefully the rest of the beautiful PNW) :)

I hope you will someday have a chance to explore the area as it is amazing for those who love history, beautiful architecture, wildlife, gorgeous mountains, wooden boats, etc. Meanwhile, if it is OK, I will whet your interest in the area by posting more photos soon...LOL

Yea for a fellow stained glass lover! Do you also like beveled glass? Love that too.

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and two posts on Port Townsend!

I was born in Port Angeles but moved away from the area 20 years ago. Then, last month, after coming up to WA for my aunt's funeral, I discovered Port Townsend! (My mom took me hiking at Fort Warden.) I immediately feel in love with it and decided I had to move there. So now my husband and I are busy making plans to leave Arizona and move there! Exciting!

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful blog posts. It is obvious you have passion for the area.

aimee said...

Hi, Angela!
Thank you so very much for your sweet comments! Yes, I LOVE Port Townsend, Fort Worden, Hurricane Ridge and the entire Olympic Peninsula! It is an incredible area and I think you will really love it too.
Wishing you well as you make plans to move back to the Pacific NW:)
PS: I am very sorry about the passing of your aunt.

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