13 April 2013

More Tulips

Today's plans have changed a bit...
but I am EXCITED because Farmer Boy repaired our lawn tractor and I am looking forward
 to again zipping across our yard on it this spring, summer and early fall.
Today's weather isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be from the forecast I heard on Friday
 so maybe later we'll go to one of my favorite places...
Until then Blogger has graciously agreed (and cooperated) with the upload of more tulip photos...


The famous pink John Deere tractor from another angle...
Aren't those dark tulips amazing?
I believe they're called Queen of the Night.
But still I DO love my pinks...
Glorious, wonderful, beautiful pink...
I am SO thankful that God created pink...
(and secretly hoping for lots of it in heaven along with horses).
I am SO thankful that blogger is semi-cooperating with me today.
I am SO thankful that Farmer Boy got the tractor up and running.
I am SO thankful for the weather not being too bad today.
I am SO thankful to have heard incredible news from my daughter today.
Anything you're thankful for today?
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
(first post has more information)


by Teresa said...

Wow, you got some impressive images! I would love to go there.. I will have to google that place, I've never been there! I'm glad you have so much good news!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you Teresa--you are very sweet:) Looking forward to seeing your photos if you make it there!

Momzoo said...

So pretty, I love spring flowers. Our new house doesn't have any, something I plan on fixing this fall!

aimee said...

I agree Aimee--I LOVE the flowers of spring too:) Looking forward to seeing all that you are planning for your new place!

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