01 February 2013

When Aimee Dreams...(pt 2)

As I was saying this whole journey started with a dream
(lately I've had dreams about meeting William Shatner -- who I actually did see at a fair one year,
a very sad looking former coworker -- who I hope isn't sad,
my grandson eating heart shaped cookies and my daughter going to get one -- probably related to the fact that I am currently on a diet
and more)
But back to the dream,
the dream with a covered bridge...
and this time (third journey to find this particular bridge) we had success!

Ladies (and possibly gentlemen) may I introduce you to the Free Enterprize bridge...
(this was our third attempt to find it)
and yes we can grow some palm trees and other 'tropical' looking plants in the PNW.
Along the journey we drove this country road...
I LOVE roads like this,
especially on foggy days...
you never know what you'll find.
BTW, my DH 'swears' he saw a Bigfoot one time on a mountain road.
Do you think I should believe him?

 Back to the beach and our posing seagull...
can't get enough of him (or her).


A path not yet taken...
but one that looks interesting.
I also haven't stayed in a yurt yet.
That's on my unofficial 'bucket' list.

And I leave you with this quiet waterside view.

Have any of your dreams led you on a journey?


Notes: central coast and elsewhere, January 2013

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