25 January 2013

When Aimee Dreams... (pt 1)

It all started with a dream...
a dream about a covered bridge
and the fact that one of the bridges on my list of 'to do's' still remained elusive.
But, that dream led to other sites as yet undiscovered by me one foggy day.
My dreams and plans always do:)
And they say dinosaurs are extinct.
This guy says NOT!

Most fish swim in waterways...
but here they swim on walls.
Wood walls.
You gotta love him...
you do, right?
After all he posed SO well:)
I am among those who do love seagulls.
Count the birds;
count the humans.
(Yep, we were outnumbered big time)  

Finally! Ducks were to be found...
NOT in a national wildlife refuge.
And thus ends part one because Aimee has a thousand things to do...

How has your week been?

Yes the post about the wild west is coming if ever my easy going self wins
 the fight with my perfectionist self that is:)
Photos above taken January 2013, central Oregon coast.


Betsy said...

Ahhh! You were at our condo/hotel in Lincoln City!! D'Sands!!!!!! I thought I recognized that building. It's where I took our pictures earlier in January that were on my blog. Too bad we missed each other.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. And as for the snow, you are more than welcome to it!


aimee said...

Yes, but just for a few minutes as it was a really quick trip with my dad and a friend. LOVE it there though with the kites, seagulls, beautiful views!

Hum, maybe one day we will run into each other...I will know you by the beautiful crafts you'll be working on; you will know me because I will be the one aiming my camera and phone at the seagulls:)LOL


by Teresa said...

I sure hope that someday you can take part in one of our blogger's lunches. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Hopefully one day...after all the Gorge can't be icy forever!
Blessings, Aimee

Regine Karpel said...

Great photos!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Very nice pics! I miss the beach :)

Thank you so much for the prayers concerning my daughter and the wreck. I really appreciate that.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

aimee said...

Thank you...you miss the beach and I miss the beautiful mountains of your area. Hopefully, you will get to visit the beach, and I the mountains, sometime this year :-)
It is truly my pleasure to pray for your daughter! God does not want her to be afraid.
You too!
Blessings, Aimee

aimee said...

Blessings to you Regine and welcome! Thank you for your sweet compliment! I am happy that you enjoyed the photos :-)
I am on my phone right now, but as soon as I am on my laptop I will pay your blog a proper visit-loved your most recent Bible verse!
Blessings, Aimee

Grayseasailor said...

Thanks for the visit to Lincoln City! I love visiting there and was very proud of myself when you confirmed I recognized what I was looking at :) I know. I know. Pride goeth...

aimee said...

Yep you and Betsy both guessed very well! It was a fun, albeit short, trip in which we visited several places there that I had not seen before. Hard to believe since I have been there so often.
Nah, it wasn't sinful pride you were feeling...it was more like what you feel when you guess a game show question correctly :-)
Blessings, Aimee

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We are going to Manzenita next month! These pictures are making me look forward to it even more!


aimee said...

I LOVE Manzanita but haven't been there for years! I hope you have an awesome time there (and good weather) :)

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