29 September 2009

A Walk in His Gardens--the Great Plains & WY

Some more photos from my son's trip collection. These are from his autumn trip to Missouri several years ago. Now all of my children have traveled further east then I
(but I still hold the record for farthest west--at least right now, this minute, at 9:36 PM September 29, 2009!!) Come to think of it... my parents smashed that record to bits with their trips to SE Asia.
But back to my son's trip-as he traveled through Wyoming that day in mid Autumn, they hit snow near Cheyenne. I believe this particular photo was taken about an hour east of there.
I am not surprised about the snow at all--I heard from a friend today whose husband hit snow on a PNW pass this week and October seems to be the month for snow in the Rocky Mt states (or so I hear).

Yea!! SNOW in early autumn, in the mountains!!

The snow, for my son at least, did not last long and before they hit the WY/NE border it was gone.
I am sure our PNW snow in the mountains will soon be gone too--at least for a little while but hopefully not for too long :)
I think these photos were taken in Nebraska.
But maybe not. NO I am pretty sure they were but I really need to have him write the locations of his photos down for me;
either that or I will have to start coming along on his trips:)
I like photos of mushrooms. We have SO many of them in our PNW yard; something about the ph of our soil being wrong (per my gardener friend)...anyway I feel at home when I see photos of the fungus among us. Besides they look SO earthy AND I like earthy.
And my favorite of the photos--a woodland in (hopefully) Nebraska. When I look at it I feel peace and it seems to invite me to explore the areas beyond...wish I could but alas it is late and I am hungry for a baked apple. Actually that sounds like a really good thing so
with one more version of my favorite photo of this collection...
It's almost like a painting, isn't it?
And now I bid you peace and blessings from the PNW.
I am off to cook an apple.
Photos: as above.
© 2009 J. Blessings & A. Blessings this post. Permission kindly given by my wonderful son for me to post the photos here. Thanks, J! mom


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Very pretty

and yes, snow! My mountians are capped with it, and we even had a little fall around our house (nothing stuck though).

aimee said...

Yea, snow-capped mountains!! Beautiful:)
Can it really be that time of the year though? AMAZING!

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