18 August 2015

Return To The Nestucca River National Country Byway: The Canyon

Both Farmer Boy and I have fond memories of the Nestucca River
 from when we were younger...
I recall camping along it at least once, under the stars, with my then best friend and also of times spent at a park that was located at the base of a dam (no longer accessible).
My hubby recalls visiting the area of the Meadow Lake dam which failed in the early 60s, fishing the Nestucca River and also of a "swimming hole".

Not so very long ago it became our "mission" to find that somewhat elusive "swimming hole".

Just a note that I am arranging these photos from east to west so,
if you look at the links below,
you'll have a better idea of what to expect.
And now some green immersion for this warm summer day:)
The coast range is a wonderland of ferns, trees and more. I never tire of it!
Not too far from the site of historic Meadow Lake Dam
you'll enter into the lovely Nestucca river canyon.
Pretty overhead woodland canopy.
Our furry passenger on this mission on her way to her beloved dad.
Coming Papa!
The swimming hole from above.
Much prettier in person where you can truly enjoy the peace of the area.
Lovely, lovely green. Is it my Celtic DNA that makes me love this color?
There were places on the route that reminded me of a tree "cathedral"--so amazing!
I am constantly amazed at the artistry of our Creator!

A small detour off the main road brought us to this nice view.
LOVE (usually) those small detours--
of course there are those narrow, winding, cliff filled, car injuring forest roads
  that I am not too fond of:)
They are not too far from here.
By the way there are a number of waterfalls in this area--some easier to get to than others.

Can I also say that we had a very magical experience while in the canyon?
A beautiful butterfly accompanied our moving car for awhile--
almost flying through our open window.
Totally amazing!
Rural view as we draw closer to the coast.
Another thing I never tire of? Clouds, mist and fog on my beloved mountains and hillsides.
Good bye for now my beloved Nestucca River--
see you again.

Before I close this post--
in fitting with the beautiful creation experienced along this byway--
a bit of the WORD for your day (even though it's not Wednesday--LOL)

Praise ye the LORD. Praise, O ye servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD...
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised.
Psalms 113:1, 3 KJV
Blessings, Aimee

Some info:
There are two routes through this lovely area.
One, the Bald Mountain road is a one lane paved road and, as you may guess from the "mountain" part of the name, it'll take you up in elevation. Later, you will turn onto Bible Creek Rd (two way paved road) which will--in time--rejoin the main route after the campgrounds.
The second and main route is the one through the Nestucca River canyon. On this one, the road is paved except for a few miles of gravel. As I have mentioned, you can also camp here along the river. Both routes are meant to be taken slowly and enjoyed :)
My Collection --thus far--of Nestucca River National Country Byway Posts:
(Meadow lake dam)
(Bible Creek Rd, Lake, etc.)
(Bald Mountain/Bible Creek Rd Route)
(Bald Mountain/Bible Creek Rd Route--first time)
(Meadow Lake area and more)
(Meadow Lake area, viewpoint BLM)

And, somewhere, hiding in my files and possibly this website,
 are photos of two of the waterfalls along this route and
one of those narrow, winding, cliff filled, car injuring forest roads
  that I am not too fond of ;)


ellen b said...

What a beautiful place to camp and explore. I really enjoy the coastal ranges in Washington and Oregon...

Linda W. said...

I love driving through the coast range. So lush and green! Glad you were able to find the old swimming hole.

Betsy said...

Oh that was beautiful Aimee. I enjoyed the trip through green foliage with you and the refreshing water. We have mosty brown over here these days. Your furry little companion is a cutie too.

Jill said...

Beautiful...feels so peaceful here.... just love photos of nature. I camped a lot when I was little and have a few times with the girls. Always a fun experience. Have you been keeping your tennis shoes in the car for just in case moments? LOl Have a great weekend!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh such beautiful mountain scenery. Love it... And Bill loves driving those kinds of roads. I've learned not to panic ( I'm talking about the ones you didn't show). You are right, the green does look like tree cathedrals, majestic! Looks much less dry than over here too!

aimee said...

It truly is:)

Me too, no matter the season!

Thank you! It's pretty dry everywhere and they have put restrictions on campfires in a lot of places. I don't blame them.
I shall tell the furry one you said so:)

Thanks! Very, very peaceful place. You would love it there and so would the rest of your family--maybe someday you'll make it out this way:)
I have to confess that with all the house probs and everything else going on, I forgot about the tennis shoes. Your comment reminded me again of what a great idea it is to keep some there (even the beaches--well some of them--are expected to be warm to hot today). I shall have to get a pair cleaned and in the trunk soon.

Oh, oh. Your Bill and my Farmer Boy sound a lot alike. LOL. I just recently found the photos I took up there and -- yep -- it was bad!
Lately, I have found a lot of places that remind me of a cathedral:)

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