24 August 2010

A Mountain Retreat for the Soul

I needed to get up into the mountains of the NW again-
I knew it
To be among the tall trees of the forests
and the ferns and wildflowers there
To breathe in the peace that is found on the mountainside,
in a world far away from the noises of daily life
To listen, instead, to the restful sounds of nature
to feel my heart and spirit soar and yet be soothed
as the road would lead us upwards
To see the birds of the air
flying above the hillside
To see, too, the creatures of the meadows.

To leave my burdens behind --
to allow myself to be renewed in body, mind and spirit.
To remember, again,
that it is from the Maker of heaven and earth that my help comes from.
to be in awe, again,
at the handiwork of His hands--
The hands that created this garden--
the garden of mountains,
So I listened to the longing of my heart,
the call of my soul
and this past weekend my DH and I traveled up that winding road to those mountains.
And my heart again smiled
because I remembered.
Where do you go when your soul longs for a time of refreshment?
A time of renewal?
Photos: coast range


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Aimee,

This is so sweet!!! I loved all the photos. My personal favorite was the winding road disappearing in into the thick green trees :) :) I love those types of roads...they have magic and mystery :) :) Very beautiful. You know, if I lived near a road like that, I 'd find an "excuse" to drive it everyday...really and truly :) :) I haven't been able to "get away" for awhile...BUT I do love going to The Human Bean and then taking the backroads to get back home. It's a little bit of a scenic route and I enjoy it!!! I 'd love to go to Astoria, Oregon...if I could go somewhere or visit the San Juan Islands!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

Hi, Heather!
Glad you enjoyed my little trip into the mts!! It would have been even more awesome if we had had a bit of fog or low clouds on the trip! It makes the trip seem even more magical when the fog/clouds hang like little wisps of cotton on the the ridges,peaks and tops of the trees!
Love backroads too!
I hope you make it to Astoria one day--I love that area. Big Nordic influence, beautiful forests and waterways--love it:) Are you referring to the islands in WA state?
Blessings & thanks for your comments!

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