27 April 2013

A Different Kind of Exercise...

I haven't been getting enough exercise lately
(lately being the last few years)...
In fact, I've been way too deficient about getting
the ole heart a pumpin' up in that target range...
So today I decided to do something about that...
and, of course, I talked my dear ole' Farmer Boy into doing it with me
(because that's just the kind of thoughtful person I am).
What I had in mind was to do a bit of climbing...
that would work, don't you think?
OK, OK our car did most almost all of the climbing,
but believe me,
 on some of the roads we drove today,
my heart did a WHOLE lot of pumping.
 You see there's nothing like meeting NON compact type vehicles
on one lane roads, located on the side of mountains,
 where there are no pullouts when you need them
(we did avoid meeting any logging trucks though).
And then there was that little drive on
a certain narrow, graveled, somewhat twisty, really gnarly forest road
that went UP
and UP;
was NEXT to at least one horrific drop off
with a beautiful
views of waterfalls and other things,
 but (gasp) no guardrails and
few places to get turned around to really give this heart a workout
(let's just say Aimee got OUT of the car while her sweet cliff loving hubby
got the car turned around)...
Aimee handles drop offs and cliffs MUCH better on foot than in vehicles.
little Aimee's heart got quite the workout...
By the way, we saw snow...
laying on the side of the road, in a pile, in shade snow...
(and shockingly we weren't in the Cascade Mountain range when we saw it),
Oh...I should say there were a few other things that got my heart a pumpin'...
like the gunshots we heard really, really close by
clambering down a steep slope to the river...
(yep, it looked pretty funny I'm sure but I did make it)...
you know the little things that make a d Saturday drive 
not just a drive but an adventure:)
Have I said how much I LOVE the PNW in springtime?
Have I said, that even with the handful of heart stopping moments
Aimee LOVED her Saturday adventure...
well except for that one gnarly forest service road:)
What are you doing for 'exercise' these days?
PS: Don't you think cute, white dog needs a new leash?
Something a little (lot) less ratty?
It was strong enough to prevent not afraid of water cute, white dog from being
carried away by the swift river current today
(thank God),
but still I think she is quite embarrassed about it.
Oregon's Coast Range (highest point on drive/walk approx. 3,000 ft)


Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures today Amee. I'm with you on the roads with no guardrail a. My heart gets a workout then too. I love your dog. He looks so happy to be with you today. I agree. The PNW is beautiful all the time but this week has been amazingly beautiful.

by Teresa said...

I've been getting my heart pumping at the beach! And today I will be collecting a bouquet of lilacs in the yard. Thanks for the photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you Betsy.
I'm glad to know I am not alone in the no guardrail 'workout'...
I will tell our dog that you said she is pretty (believe me, she WILL understand and appreciate that). She HATES my camera, but sometimes 'allows' me the privilege of taking a photo of her:)
Wasn't it gorgeous? I'm feeling SO blessed by all the beauty both here at home and elsewhere...
Have a most blessed week!

aimee said...

A WONDERFUL place for a workout no matter the season--but especially so when it's sunny:)
Ah, lilacs...love them! This morning I saw a hummingbird (or was it two)in the bush closest to my kitchen window. Between the beautiful light purple blossoms and the birds I was in awe and stopped doing the dishes just to watch:) Enjoy your bouquet!

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