22 April 2013

Sunshine in the Garden

What a difference a sunny day makes...
residents of the Pacific NW rush to their local garden nursery
families play at nearby parks.
And at Aimee's place...
koi eagerly swim towards yours truly
(thinking she has come bearing a gift of food),
light shines through ready to eat lettuce leaves,
new fern fronds uncurl,
and a new plant settles in happily with its neighbors.
What an amazing day today was--
in our travels we saw a snow covered Mt Hood,
bought some new plants for the pond garden,
discussed all the work needing to be done this growing season,
discovered the irises and some of the minature roses have developed buds
and are not far from opening,
ate yummy Japanese food
(always a favorite with me)
and just enjoyed the beauty of the day.
I hear we have a few more just like this one coming:)
How was your day?


by Teresa said...

Wow, exquisite images! Isn't Spring a lovely model for the camera? We're enjoying the beach.. put up some photos today, even though the internet here is very sketchy!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you so much:) I agree--spring blooms and, I would say, autumn leaves are inspiring and amazing to photograph!
I saw your photos early this morning--I am thrilled that the weather is so good for you this week:):)
Thanks for stopping by...

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