19 October 2015

October Update

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, but truth be told, with all the home repairs/improvements going on, we just haven't had time (or extra money) to take trips to the places that inspire me the most. However, if all goes well, and if nothing else comes up, and if the weather permits, tomorrow maybe next week I will be enjoying a little whole lot of autumn leaf immersion:)
Meanwhile I am enjoying the changing colors on the mountainside, in our garden, at the grocery store
and everywhere else!

Speaking of home repair/improvement, our front deck
is now a covered front deck thanks to my ever busy hubby!
It's not quite done, but we really like it and it makes me wish we had done it years ago.

Also speaking of home, our lovely 5 year old over-the-range microwave seems to be
celebrating the month of October. Twice now, exactly one week apart and at about the same time, it's turned itself on. Pretty spooky! Apparently, self starting microwaves are not unknown, but it could have been something I did too. Anyway, it's now unplugged and, surprisingly, I have managed to function OK without it.

Since my last post, I have been collecting autumn leaves from here and there to preserve. Gracie, from One Saylor's Log (link on the right side of this blog), was my inspiration for all this--but, because I couldn't find my iron, I used a modified version of the old "leaf in the book" method.
As you can tell, some turned out a bit more wrinkled then I would have liked, but I am -- overall -- pretty happy with my little project:)
It's part of my goal to make early autumn last a long, long time!

And, now photos...
since I haven't taken any trips since August
(sigh, sob, scream, BIGTIME cabin fever),
I am posting photos from the lovely Siletz River Valley
(Siletz was the location for the Ilahee Siletz Pow Wow we attended).
I would dearly love to be there right now, enjoying more frybread:)

Love horses!
Did I tell you that I am now "grandma" to my DD's horses?
And an assortment of other critters too.

Can't get enough of our PNW's woodlands. Just like our drive along the
Nestucca River earlier this summer, this area reminded me of a cathedral.

My kind of bridge. Not too high, not too low and with some nice views of the Siletz River below.

 I love river valleys and I just learned about two more I want to explore --- someday:)

And now it's time to check on those drying autumn leaves
go to sleep
research my latest idea for a road trip!

Have an awesome week!



Tori Leslie said...

I love those leaves. I heard one blogger say that she scans the leaves, pretty smart. Also, that's some interesting microwave. Better the microwave then the range!
Loved your photos! Hope you get out and about soon.

Betsy said...

Good Morning Aimee! We walked along Siletz bay yesterday between rain showers after we ate at Moe's in Lincoln City. Yes. Hubby and I are visiting your coast for a few days. We have to go home tomorrow. Sad Betsy. I like you and Gracie's autumn leaves project and I may try to iron some of my own when I return home. Your microwave is really acting strange. I would unplug it too because of fire danger.

Lorrie said...

Autumn is a great time for road trips. Love the river view through the green bridge railing. That's a wonderfully artistic shot. Home projects do eat up time and money, that's for certain! Hope you soon get out onto the open road again.

Gracie Saylor said...

Ohhhh I love all the different varieties of leaves you have pressed, Aimee! Beautiful! Thanks for the armchair traveling photos :) sigh...I'm ready to hop in my car and explore again, also. However, cheers for all that you are accomplishing on the home front. I will try to follow your good example. xx

aimee said...

Aren't they pretty? I just love the colors at this time of the year! I have never heard of scanning leaves before---interesting. I agree. I can do without the microwave, but not my range:)
Thanks--glad you enjoyed the pix. I am counting the days till I am out in nature again.

Oh, my beloved Siletz Bay! SO glad you made it and are enjoying yourselves:):):) Sorry it couldn't be longer, but maybe you can make another trip soon. Thanks--Gracie really had a good idea and I know you'll love the leaves too! Fire was my worry too. I feel MUCH safer with it unplugged.
Safe travels home Betsy.

I totally agree with you. Of the seasons it is my fav, followed by spring. Thank you! I liked how that shot turned out too:) And, home projects are never ending (LOL)...

Thank you! I am SO glad you inspired me!! Since I haven't been out and about, it's helped me bring a bit of my beloved autumn inside. But, I still have a few more leaves I need--LOL. I hear you---I was born with a travel gene:) Although it has kept us home, I am grateful for all that has been accomplished.

Teresa Kasner said...

I hope you show a photo of your new deck cover. You found some really pretty leaves! I enjoyed your photos of the meadows and the horse, bridges and rivers. I am anxious to get back to the ocean for a visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hi Aimee,

Great post and wonderful photos as usual. Thank you for sharing.

I am very worried about the microwave story. Didn't know they could self-start. This is worrying for me because this is where I hide my chocolates in case we ever have burglars. If it self-starts it will make quite a mess with melted chocolates. Ooops !!! Just realised. I told every burglar where I hide the chocolates. I'll find a new place ... the freezer.

Love your second picture with the leaves. How did you manage to get them to fall off the trees and exactly on the paper squares?

God bless.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I know what you mean by cabin fever ... We moved, so it's not being tired of one spot ( just as you aren't tired of your own lovely home ) but it's just wanting and needing to get the heck outdoors and into nature. Too darn busy! Like you, I am using old pictures of my own and other peoples blogs to get my nature fix until we can find some time. Must add that I had to laugh at your throwaway line about not being able to Find your iron. When we were packing up our closets, I found mine on the floor of the broom closet in the RV. Bill said, 'oh I thought we lost that years ago! " We have other things to do, don't you think?

aimee said...

The deck cover isn't quite done yet. My hubby wants to clad the posts with 1x6 boards to make them appear larger. We also need to rebuild the subwalls, change siding, etc. etc...it's one of THOSE projects :) I really do love the leaves--at this time of the year there are so many lovely ones. Still have to get some aspen leaves though. Thanks on the pix-glad you liked them. Yea, me too (the beach)...

Thanks! LOL -- your comment made me laugh. It also made me hungry--my hubby found his chocolates which I possibly, wishfully and subconsciously may have meant for me. Now I wish I had hid them in our microwave:)
Re: the leaves. I could say that they were trying to escape the slightly chilly nights, but I have a feeling my nose might grow if I did that--a la Pinocchio style.
Blessings, Aimee

Oh, but I AM tired of our non lovely home--just not the land it's on:) But yes, I am craving and desperately in need of time in the great outdoors--just as you:) That's a GREAT story about your missing iron! LOL--I can only imagine what we'll find if we ever move from here!
Yep, who irons now a days? :)

Becky L. said...

Aimee, good to hear from you again. Glad your renovations went well. Your photos are great. I love to be at the ocean as well. Planning a getaway in early Dec. Wouldn't mind going this weekend but I have other things to get done asap! Like calendars and bake cookies again and maybe a dinner for my son and family. Hugs and looking forward to your next post!

aimee said...

Thank you Becky! It's good to be back. I am thankful that so far things have gone OK considering the extent of snow and water damage.
Hope you can get to the coast this winter. I know how much you enjoy it and it's fun to see it through your eyes:) Yum to dinner and cookies--good luck and have a good weekend!

Sammy Sam said...

Hi Aimee, we're sorry that we've been absent, My dad's been pretty busy trying to get things fixed around our new old house. Yesterday he got to "play with PEX" - running a cold water supply line for the new dryer that he had to install today along with the new washer. There have been a lot of little projects that taken up a lot of time and money. So we understand. We hope that you'll get a chance to "hit the road" again soon. Thanks for the Autumn shots. We love this time of year.

Bethany Carson said...

Beautiful photos! I really like your shot of the horse, and love the bridge as well...I guess I have a soft spot for bridges. All your captures from the trip are lovely. Very nice job on the leaves. They turned out well!

aimee said...

No probs Sam. Takes a lot of time to move in and get things working well:) Wishing you much success in getting the needed things done!
I did get out-finally-to see a bit of the autumn leaves AND even saw my beloved aspen. Hope you will soon be able to get some outside time too:)

Thank you! I am a bit crazy about both horses and historical bridges! Glad you enjoyed the pix. Been enjoying your candidate write-ups!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Beautiful pics. Those leaves are just gorgeous!!! Hope you get to go to some place special. If you ever get to Eastern Oregon, let me know. I'd love to have you stop by. There are lots of amazing places to explore around here :)

aimee said...

Thank you so very much! I love those leaves too and have added some of my beloved aspen to them since:) We finally were able to make a couple of outings--one to watch the high surf and another in search of pumpkin patch/farm fun. Thank YOU for your very kind offer--you are SO right, the area near you is amazing!

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