14 May 2016

A Walk Among the Irises and Columbine

Aimee was VERY bad last month. 

You see Aimee is a VERY passionate person--
especially when it comes to history. 
And, it just so happened that a LOVELY history research project developed in her mind 
early in April
and that was it...
before long I was dragging my DH to a pretty little area in the valley
and spending a WHOLE bunch of time there and
on the Internet doing research.
And, soon, very soon--
almost ALL of our allotted data time was gone. 

No data for browsing your lovely blogs,
no data to share my adventures with you. 
Poor hubby. He suffered too.

But, it's a new month. 
And if I am really good, 
I might be able to catch up with my pastime of browsing blogs
and, maybe just maybe, create a few of my own. 
And if I am bad?
Well, I found a public wifi I can use :)

Here is our latest adventure...
a trip to a bit of heaven known as Schreiner's Iris Garden.

And now the photos
(data time is flying by)

Every time we go here, 
I am awed by the beauty and peace!

So MUCH variety!

Truly paradise!

Just incredible! 

My Mom would have loved it here--
she loved columbines. 
I do too and our home garden has many. 

A walk here always changes my focus--
it's like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a dust storm. 

A drink of cool water in the midst of a hot desert. 

I am crossing my fingers in hope that we make it back this way soon:)

A lot has happened since my last post. 
Many road trips as always. 
A trip back in time to the days of Beverly Cleary
(the object of the research project I mentioned). 
And there was unexpected news...

See ya soon!

(amazing, amazing place!)


ellen b said...

Beautiful garden for sure. Glad you've found some free wifi. Intrigued by your news. Have a great Sunday!

Teresa Kasner said...

Lucky you to go to the Iris garden.. I wish we could go but I'm quite ill with a flu. No adventuring for me this weekend. I hope your unexpected news is good. Can you get a better date package? We have unlimited data here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda W. said...

Oh those gardens are so pretty! Glad to see you back in blogland. :)

Gracie Saylor said...

WOW!!! Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful place that is near enough for me to visit. Your photos are so lovely, Aimee.

We have yellow wild Iris in the pond. We were told they will choke out everything else, so my youngest son slaved away at digging up a huge section of them. Now we have some clumps growing on the opposite side of the pond that we will probably need to tend to as well. My mom had some lovely purple Iris in sections of her gardens around our house in Missouri, and I can remember her dividing and moving the plants to start new Iris in other sections of the yard. I thought they were so pretty and smelled so good.

You have picqued my curiousity to know more about what you have been researching and what your unexpected news might be!!! I hope you will have enough data to let us knnw soon :) xx

Betsy said...

I'm glad you're back Aimee! You've been missed. What a gorgeous garden and photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Becky L. said...

Yes, the iris gardens are lovely. We drove to Salem on Sat. and the iris were in the field and Phil commented on all the nice and different colors as I was driving. I've only been there once and would like to go again. Maybe next weekend would work for me before the iris leave. Good to hear from you again, my friend!

aimee said...

It is beautiful Ellen! You would love it there:) Me too--my data allowance goes really quickly. Hope your weekend was a blessed one.

Oh no! I am SO sorry you are suffering with the flu. Hopefully you will recover quickly so you can do more adventuring of your own.
Not sure about the data--because of our Internet setup data is pretty expensive. I would LOVE having unlimited data :)

Thank you! That they are:)

Thank you! You should try to get down there -- their season ends in about 2 weeks or so. Your yellow pond iris sound familiar. I think we had some a long time ago. What a good memory of your mom :) They do smell wonderful!

Thank you Betsy! I wish you lived closer and could visit the Iris garden. My hubby's mom used to visit there and we both truly love it!

I hope you have a chance to visit there this coming weekend -- your hubby is right, the colors are truly amazing!
Thank you!

Jill said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Hope the unexpected news was good news! Enjoy your day!


Cathy said...

Your photos are beautiful, Aimee. I haven't visited those lovely gardens in years. Hope all is well with you.

Becky L. said...

I am so close to those iris gardens but still didn't make it there nor to see peonies. Sigh! Such a busy month for us in May. I've seen Beverly Cleary's house. I have a friend that lives in the same town. I've read her books too. Have a good weekend!

aimee said...

Sorry I am so late in replying to your kind comment! Will try to post soon--hope things are VERY well with your family :)

Many apologies for the late reply Cathy! It was SO good to hear from you! Am glad you enjoyed the pix-hope we can resolve our technical issues and I can get back to blogging (and reading other blogs) soon.

So sorry you weren't able to make it to the gardens again, but I can empathize with being busy! That's neat that you have seen Beverly's home before-I really like that area and always enjoy visiting there! Hope all is well:)

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