09 April 2016

Abundant Blessings

So much has happened since last I posted, but first I would like to take a moment and extend a HUGE thank you to those who left comments on the sad passing of our little Eskie gal. She will be missed for a long time always, but we have a lot of sweet memories of her and lots of photos. 
THANK YOU everyone--you are most KIND!

Now for the main reason I have been absent for a long time...and it's actually a GOOD thing, one of those blessings this post is about. Not too long after THAT sad day, my eldest son gifted me with a new little toy to play with and that is what I've been doing these past weeks....
to be honest, there were definitely some moments when it felt more like WORK than play, (that's what happens when you have to learn a totally different OS from what you have used FOREVER),  but now I am pretty good still learning to do things the Apple way and I mostly LOVE my laptop! Of course it helps to have SO much info on the web and a son that does tech support:)

Besides computer challenges and triumphs, my hubby and I have been taking a lot of day trips. We've been to beaches, bays, rivers, historical sites, lakes, wetlands and up hills. We have also been planning a few trips--some close, some further away. We'll see...

And now a few photos...I still haven't transferred any of the ones on my phones and even the most recent ones on my cameras. BUT, and this is an important but, at least I know how to transfer the photos now to my laptop and somewhat edit and organize them:):) And, as of just a few moments ago, I can actually upload them--sort of--to blogger. LOL.
 I am just SO used to doing things the other, non Apple way.
Oh well, challenges are good. I think:)
Update: my phone, the phone I was going to transfer those photos from...
well it's now decided not to respond anymore. Sigh. Good thing I had texted some of
them to my e-mail awhile back--but some photos are probably lost for good.
Now on a happier note...photo time!
(Still learning this new photo editing app so bear with me please.
Suggestions welcome!)

One day we came back from a wetland area to find we had some visitors of our own. 
Apparently these guys take their "free ranging" seriously! 

Our wetlands adventures were many and we loved seeing all the geese, swans, ducks, eagles, egrets, heron and even beavers close up this winter! It almost made ALL the rain worth it (almost being the keyword here). 

Aren't they amazing? 

Beautiful on the ground, in the lake and in flight!

One last photo for now--
this is Depoe Bay on the central Oregon coast. 
The surf and sea spray was amazing that day spraying up onto the parking area...
a BIG blessing!

Yikes! I just looked at the time and it's way past bedtime. Hopefully by my next post I will have perfected the photo editing programs and can upload faster. Until then--


PS: Is everything in your yard in bloom right now? I can hardly believe it but we have roses--yes roses--in bloom! It isn't the first time, but it is still a bit shocking to see daffodils and roses all within a few yards of each other. Spring is AMAZING!


Teresa Kasner said...

Welcome back and congrats on you new Apple laptop! I love mine and wouldn't know how to use anything else. We don't have roses yet but the bushes are leafing out really nicely. But we have lots of other things and most happily, all my lilacs are in bloom! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog, she was lucky to have all of you as her family. I am sending you a hug,

Betsy said...

No flowers in bloom yet, but the beautiful weather for the past week or so is sure to bring some out of hiding. Love your photos and oh my, Depoe Bay. Well, Depoe Bay and the whale spout are two of my favorite places on the coast.

How nice to get a new computer. I really like my Apple iPad and phone. It's nice that they communicate so well together. I've thought about a laptop, but my iPad suits me fine for now.

It's good to see you post again. I've missed you Aimee.

ellen b said...

It is an amazing blooming month! So good to see a post from you pop up. Glad you are mastering your new toy! Such a mind stretch for me to get anything new in the tech world. Sounds like a good time you are having with day trips. Hope you have a good week and continue well in mastering...

Linda W. said...

Nice to see you back in blogland, and glad things are going well for you!

Gracie Saylor said...

So good to hear from you Aimee, and to hear some of your latest! Your photos are wonderful as usual and I am excited for you that you are enjoying learning the Apple way...I am still learning :) So glad you are having happy travels as well! xx

Jill said...

Hi! lovely photos! I understand little blog breaks, due to this move it's been awhile since I've written and I've been so tired that today I decided to take a little unwind time write a post and catch up with others :-) Glad to see all is well! Have a wonderful week,


Victor S E Moubarak said...

These are really wonderful photos.

Hope you and your family are OK. Thank you for visiting my Blog.

God bless you all.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I was loving everything until I came to the last sentence when I had a huge attack of envy! Daffodils ans roses together... Be still my heart! How special. (And I am delighted for you really.). Thanks for my Oregon Coast fix ... And congrats on the new computer and learning it so quickly.

aimee said...

Thank you! I am really enjoying it :) LOVE lilacs--ours are in bloom too! Enjoy:)

Thank you SO very much! Hug gladly accepted:) Our little Eskie girl was well loved and we feel blessed to have had her as part of our lives.
Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment!

I love Depoe Bay too--especially when the surf is wild! Fortunately my wonderful SIL let me know so we could enjoy it also:)
Apple makes really neat stuff. I am really happy when I see how much you and Teresa like yours!
Ah--thanks so much! That is so sweet! It is good to be back...

Isn't it though? If only spring could last even longer! Thank you! How kind of you to say that:) LOL--sometimes my toy masters me, but only until I do a google search or text my tech son! We have been having fun--I will soon have more interesting posts on recent trips.

Thanks!!! I really appreciate you saying that:)

Thank you! You guys/gals are the sweetest! I am glad you enjoyed the photos:) Yea! Another Apple user--I have a feeling I will be learning for quite awhile too.

Thank you! I hear you. Learning, moving, changes can be exhausting work. It is fun to blog and connect with others though:)

Happy that you enjoyed them:) Hubby and I are doing well. Just adjusting to retirement and other changes (some VERY good).

LOL-your comment made me smile! It is like totally shocking outside. Seems everything is in bloom right now. I think a lot of the rose bloom was due to a fairly mild, though totally wet, winter plus a rather remarkable microclimate in our yard...possibly the variety of rose too as I don't think our other ones are blooming yet. HeHe--I love blessing others with photos of the lovely Oregon coast! Thanks--really liking the new baby.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I have responded to your comments there.

God bless you and your family.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Oh what fun- my husband loves his Mac and I keep saying I will get one, too, but I'm still stuck on this huge desktop. I feel ancient. You got a gorgeous shot of the heron, and the beach shot is pretty. I just commented on someone else's photos from Washington, so you also live up there in beautiful country. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sammy Sam said...

Hi Aimee, we're glad that you're learning and liking your Apple. Now you're VERY cool. It'll take a little while but you'll come up to speed in no time at all. Everything is growing and blooming up here in Vancouver as well. I"ve been urging my dad to cut the grass - the dandelions are starting to take over the yard....

aimee said...

Thanks! It was a wonderful post you had:)

LOL! I hear ya! Hopefully one day you can get the Mac of your dreams :) Thank you--Mr Heron was VERY good about posing for me and the beach is always pretty although we seem to always miss the golden hour photography wise. Hope you had a great weekend too--we had our youngest granddaughter so it was quite busy!

LOL--you are SO funny Sam! It is getting easier and easier each day...and I LOVE it! I hear ya on the dandelions--we were at a park last week and it was filled with them:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I miss Depot Bay! Haven't been there for years. I know what you mean about getting used to the Apple way. I just switched over my smart phone from an Android to an Iphone and it definitely takes some getting used to! Lovely pics. Hope you get some great adventures in this year!

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