30 January 2012

PNW Wildlife Refuges

A few reasons why winter can be a good thing:

1. It is one of the best times to visit a wildlife refuge...

to see migrating geese and other waterfowl.

2. You get a whole new perspective on nature,

without leaves on the trees.

3. You get a chance to see new little critters;

I am told this is a muskrat.

Now that makes me think of the song Muskrat Love...

I think I am aging myself here.

4. You get a chance to explore new places...

without the 'crowds' of the warmer seasons.



And, as you can see,

the weather isn't always bad in winter...

but the views can be very interesting.


What new places have you seen lately?





Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

rural Marion county vineyard

Grand Island seed beds.


Other posts with Refuge photos

(near Dallas, OR)

(near Eugene, OR--includes historical attractions also)

(southwest of Portland, OR)

(west of Portland, off Highway 26 near Jewell, OR)


Momzoo said...

where I live there are big corn and wheat fields fairly close to a big lake (lots of water fowl winter here), and I love watching big flocks of Canadan Geese (hundreds, if not thousands) glean from those fields. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the winter.

aimee said...

That is something I would LOVE to see! I absolutely LOVE waterfowl! Enjoy your beautiful piece of paradise on earth!

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