27 January 2012

PNW Flooding: Willamette Valley

As you may know, the PNW has been the focus of some very odd weather this winter.

First was our very unusual dry December, one of the driest on record.

Then some snow--in areas of Washington lots of snow.

And then the rain...

and more rain...


well I think you get the idea.

All this combined to fill our rivers and create flooding.

One area hit particularly hard

(but not as bad as some previous years)

was the Willamette Valley,

so named after the river that flows through it.

Here are some photos several days after the peak of the flooding

in the northern section of that valley

(south of Portland, north of Albany)

Flooded orchard.

Flooding in a field.

I had wanted to visit here for quite a long time;

just not under these circumstances.

Park flooding--this park is located on Grand Island,

an island known for being a prime agricultural area.

Water on the road, water to the side of the road, water everywhere--

I hope the farmers here don't suffer loss.

Ferry crossing--but not today, for obvious reasons.

Can you see where the actual loading for the ferry is?

In the Ankeny NWR area, there is another ferry--

but due to the high water and road closure we couldn't get close enough to take photos.

Every bridge we took over the Willamette showed just how flooded the river is.

Along the Willamette on the way to the Independence bridge

(SW of Salem)

Not today though because of the high water,

the road to the bridge is closed.

Wise advice


we heeded it--all day long


time after time after time...


Sadly the flooding has brought tragedy to some families.

I pray that God will comfort those who have known loss this month.




Heather's Blog-o-rama said...


Wow, that's a lot of water. I remember the flood of 1997 when I was living in Ashland...it knocked out the city water main, and we were without running water for almost a week.

I hoe you are okay. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

aimee said...

I didn't realize that Ashland got hit by flooding in 1997 so hard! I'm glad to have water and power:)
At our place we didn't have any huge problems other that finding a leak in one of our bedrooms and our ponds being on the really full side.
Thanks for visiting!

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