30 March 2011

Sometimes You Just Need A Refuge

And if any wildlife or birds are reading this and looking for one...I would heartily recommend William L Finley National Wildlife Refuge in the Willamette Valley :) I heartily suggest it to any humans needing a place to get away and enjoy nature for several hours or more too! And it just so happened that since the refuge isn't too far from the Land of Linn, we continued our anniversary trip among the woodlands, wetlands, hills and historical buildings there.

I'm thinking this is what heaven must look like--or at least part of heaven:) If only the cloud cover was just a little bit thinner that day...sigh. And to think there were once people that did live here--it's nice that we all can enjoy it now!

A little visitor I found while checking out some of the historical places in the refuge. Can you see him? I think of Alice when I see rabbits...and wonderland...and carrots. The big house in the back and to the left of our little friend is the Cabell Lodge, built (approximately) 1912.

Love, love, love carriage houses---love, love, love windows like this with many panes. Ahhh:) This carriage house was built in 1933.

The front of the Fiechter house (1857). I could live here--well actually I can't because it is owned by the government...but I am happy with that because it means these buildings will be preserved!! BTW---the beautiful, big, red barn above---the one where the blog title is...that is across the road a bit from this house. LOVE that barn, love all old barns--this is the Fiechter Barn (early 20th century).

This refuge has so many types of habitat and topography. And did I say you can drive through it? SO nice! The refuge has trails too but during the winter months some areas are off limits because the dusky geese need to rest before they return home to Alaska!

My sibling would love this moss. I know I do!

Ahhh. Peaceful. Serene. Quiet. Beautiful.

A perfect ending to our anniversary trip; a perfect gift from Farmer Boy to his bride:)

Wonder where my path will lead me next? Wonder where your path will lead you?

Blessings, Aimee

Photos taken late winter 2011. Link to the refuge and also source for information on the historical buildings: http://www.fws.gov/willamettevalley/finley/index.html

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