27 March 2011

Sundays of Our Past

The late 1800's

It is a Sunday morning in the small village in interior western Canada. Overhead are clear, blue skies and the day holds promise of being another beautiful spring day. Along a small, rough trail comes a family--the dad carrying his toddler son on his shoulders, the mom with her infant daughter in her arms and beside them walks their five year old daughter.

As they walk along, they can see the beautiful mountains of that area, and as they grow closer and turn a corner in the path, they catch a glimpse of a steeple--
they are almost there!
And from all directions they see that others are arriving too--
some on horseback,
some in buggies and wagons,
and some, like them, on foot.
Of all ages, from every walk of life, single and married
they come to this place in the trees to learn, pray and fellowship together.
And soon, very soon the sounds of their worship will spread throughout the village
and rise from earth to the heavens--
and so it is to this day.
Have a blessed Sunday,
Christ Church (Anglican) in the town of Hope, BC, Canada.
My dad, mom and sibling made a trip there quite a few years ago (actually we were on our way to the Canadian Rockies but that is another story). Anyway the church is quite beautiful and I hope you are able to see that beauty even though this was taken with an older camera of ours. (You might click on the photo to enlarge it if you are having problems seeing the detail)
For more information on the church and its history see this site.

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