29 March 2011

In the Land of Linn

Ahhh-the magical Land of Linn, better known as Linn County, Oregon.

The first time I saw this place of our family ancestry, I was smitten, and ever since that day I have been completely in love with it. So what better place to celebrate our wedding anniversary? What other gift would be so sweet? You guessed it--a trip with my Farmer Boy to the Land of Linn.

I must explain that, though I've been to Linn County many times, it is generally to the area south of here and so I was very excited to see what treasures this area! Being the history buff I am I was really, really excited to see more of the covered bridges I've fallen in love with (this area has quite a few of them) AND, of course, new scenery is always a treat!

The first bridge that we found after getting lost, finding gas, having a desperate prayer answered in an unexpected way, finding the right road--was the Shimanek Covered Bridge.

Positives: red, neat windows, you can drive through it (at least most vehicles can--there is a weight limit) and after you do that, you can drive along the creek you've just driven over for a bit. And did I say it's RED??? Negative: No good place to pull over (at least that we saw).

Final verdict: It's a RED bridge--how can one not like it???

Ahhh! Hannah. Great name, beautiful location, SUNSHINE, blue skies and a place to pull over and park! So we did that and then we walked back through the bridge (the traffic early Sunday AM is almost non-existent and they were careful with tourist type people, meaning us!) I am so glad we did park and walk through the bridge because down from the bridge we saw lots of GREEN and a very nice creek too! For those that may not know: rain, rain and more rain=very green moss + lots of ferns here.

A view from inside the bridge--the wood planks here are part of the bridge (but you probably guessed that already)

The Land of Linn--hills, gaps between mountains + hills, mountains, farms, historic homes & buildings, rivers, creeks, lakes, forests, countryside and covered bridges!

On to the next covered bridge--our last today. This one is very, very special--you'll see...it just happens to have a great little park by it and it is on a creek with a river very close by. And at this very pretty little park something very special happens--a river (the Roaring River) flows INTO a creek. Impossible you say? Nope, it really does happen in the magical, beautiful Land of Linn! This was also a really great place to play with my camera--BTW, I need many more places to play with my camera (tell my DH, please).

And the roaring river; as you can tell it really does roar--in a watery sort of way--at least in winter/early spring when every river and creek seemed to be swollen in the Land of Linn.

A view of the Larwood Bridge there--you can drive through this one too! I should have worn my pioneer dress and bonnet...but then that wouldn't be a lot of fun without a wagon or buggy and horse.

Ahhhh--the Land of Linn--the more I see of you, the more I fall in love with you!

Your moss--your ferns--your covered bridges and your old historic mill with ferns --on top of the roof...

by a creek--with a covered bridge--and by a river...a river that roars:)

Hope you enjoyed our little trip to the enchanting Land of Linn...more of our anniversary trip later. Blessings to you, Aimee

Photos: taken in northern Linn county, March 2011. Sorry about the sloppy formatting. Am really having a struggle with the html tonight:( (sigh)


Momzoo said...

How beautiful! I love all the green moss, sometimes my desert eyes long for all that green, you are lucky to get it all the time.

I like the new picture on your header, enchanting barn!

aimee said...

I like the green moss and ferns really well too---of course I am part Celtic so I have to like green:)
I love that barn too--I have a thing about red, big, beautiful barns! And TY:)
Blessings always,

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