04 February 2012

Of Home--Sweet, Sweet Home

Today I went home.

And drank deeply from the great strength and beauty I found there.

I crossed a few of its bridges--
bridges which have known my footsteps before

walked along riverbanks that had not.

I saw the beauty and the power of God's creation
in a new, very exciting, personal way
and my heart overflowed with the deep emotions I felt.
They were perfect moments there-
alone, but not alone-
in the midst of nature
I would have loved to stay longer
but it was time to return to my real home.
So I walked back to the place where Farmer Boy waited for me...
and we drove away.

Tonight, I sit curled up in our recliner.

I browse through the photos of the day,

reliving again and again what I experienced there in those precious moments of time.

And then it dawns on me...

I have not left that sweet, sweet place after all--

for it has somehow become part of me,

imprinted forever on my heart and in my mind


because of that I can

always go to my sweet, sweet home when I want to.



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