06 February 2012

Coming Soon (Reminder for Me)

Photos from:
NW Clatsop County , Oregon
East Linn County, Oregon
Historical Museum
Valentine's Day

  • I wonder if we will ever have 'normal' PNW weather again

  • I wonder if I will ever get caught up on my housework

  • I wonder how long it will take me to get all the way through my book of places I want to see

  • I wonder if that is even possible, because the more wildlife refuges, historical sites, family sites, beautiful sites I find out about, the longer my list becomes

  • I wonder if we will be able to plant early this year

  • I wonder if we will get anymore snow

  • I wonder how long the pruning will take (especially of the kiwis)

  • I wonder how much I will get done today IF I log off our computer now...

  • I wonder if you are having a good day.

  • I wonder what you are thinking of right now.

  • I wonder what you see when you look out your window.

  • I wonder about your land (nation)

  • I wonder a lot about a lot of things, but now it is time to wander off to the kitchen for breakfast and chores:)

Blessings, Aimee

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