10 February 2012

When Modern Conveniences Go Bad

Once upon a time, not so very long ago,

Aimee and Farmer Boy remodeled their kitchen and dining room.

And Aimee was incredibly happy with the sage colored walls,

the laminate flooring,

the oak cabinets,

the black metal cabinet knobs,

the new white double sink and high faucet,
the dark countertops,

the big kitchen island...

and the new appliances.

And all was well in Aimee's 'kitchendom' until the day (or was it night) one of those new appliances ceased to operate.

Now Aimee could (and has, at times, since then ) bemoaned her fate--the fate of a homemaker who can only look at her almost new dishwasher and remember the sweet memories of days gone by: the lovely splish splash of hot water swirling, the melodic hum of it cleaning dirty pots and pans, the incredible feeling of power it brought her to press a button, walk away and then come back to clean --- and fully sanitized dishes.

But alas, those things are all things of the past until her sweet and gifted Farmer Boy can properly diagnose and repair its current ailment...

Alas, saith a very sad Aimee as she reflects on the 'truth' that...

the life of new dishwashers seems considerably shorter these days.

Blessings, Aimee


Grandma Becky said...

oh dear, dishwasher on the fritz. Hope it gets fixed soon. Hey, I recognize the tulip cup,,,,,from Wooden Shoe tulip farm by chance? I have a magnet like it, that's how I instantly spotted it in the sink! Take care! Hey, I love your new header!

aimee said...

I hope it is fixed soon too. The cup (the Dutch tulip one) might very well have come from Wooden Shoe Tulip Farmor a Dutch place that used to be in SW Washington; it was my mom's so I don't know. I love the design and colors :)
Thanks for your comment on my header--I took that photo early one AM when we passed a wetland area SW of Portland.
You take care too; still hoping to meet you! Did you get my e-mail?
Blessings always,

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