13 February 2012

Something's Changed

Since this weekend I am seeing the world in a new,

somewhat challenging but definitely exciting way.

Actually the change began many weeks ago when yours truly left her DH alone and in our car,

with the camera,

for a few minutes while she was on a mission of mercy for her sibling.

It wasn't long but when I came back there was a change.

By the way, have I told you my Farmer Boy does not like to be bored?

That he thrives on knowing how things are put together?

That these admirable qualities often mean he loves to take things apart

and then put them back together again?

All without the help of instructions...


It's true...

But all and all,

once I recovered from my shock

at seeing the CHANGE...

I realized

someone in our family KNOWS how to change lenses on my camera!


So, at times, you will see here

that the ZOOM is IN.

And it is my hope you will like the change...

but if you don't...
blame this guy

My sweet, totally gifted, wonderful and very charming

Farmer BOY!

Thanks honey for being you :)




Park along the Willamette River

Willamette Falls

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