18 February 2012

Birthday Gifts

When someone has a birthday it's normal to give them gifts.

But this year, on his special day,

my beloved Farmer Boy

showered me with gifts:

a day with our DDD (darling daughter dog),

a day filled with beautiful scenes of bay,

and ocean;


and wild, wild surf.

A day

in which I received the gifts of gorgeous pink flowers...

and a yummy gourmet, artisan pizza!

And when the day filled with these gifts and much, much more was over,

and I reminded him he could have had whatever he had wanted for his special day,

I received the best gift of the whole day...

because he told me what he wanted most was to make me happy:)

That is love;

that is my DH.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Blessings forever,


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