20 February 2012

In Celebration of Pets

Today I woke up early to get some chores done;

I listened to the TV to see what the weather would be like today...

and found out it would be cold, wet, most winterlike.


But then it happened,

for the reporter announced

that today was unlike any other day...

in fact, today was special, very special




So in honor of

their special day...

always make sure they have a warm bed to sleep in and good food

(even if they take over your bed and beg for treats).

Always make sure that someone kind is watching over them;

because you are their whole world!

Love them when they go the extra mile for you--

because they do it just because it's

for you.

Cuddle them whenever they need that extra touch of reassurance


always keep them safe from danger.

Make sure they have toys--

even if they drag them out and you end up stepping on them

(in barefeet in the middle of the night)

And even if you know,

that unlike kids who grow up,

you'll always be the one to pick those toys and bones up.

But most of all,

LOVE your pet--no matter what kind it is--everyday,

not just today!

Have an awesome LOVE YOUR PET DAY...

and give your little or big one an extra treat and hug today

because they deserve it:)


Blessings, Aimee

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