25 February 2012

Late February Garden

Everywhere I look the garden is showing signs of waking up.

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

Notes on photo: moss, cyclamen (indoors right now), camellia sasanqua, forsythia (forced, but the plant outdoors is starting to show color too), pieries, primroses, tete a tete daffodils, praecox rhododendron, evergreen huckleberry and primrose (in center).

Today we went to a nursery where there was a great buy on primroses. As you can tell I am still not over my craving for the color pink; no, not even close. My poor hubby, I am afraid that soon he might see pink 'blooming' everywhere. As you can also tell, I am not tired of playing with Picasa yet...but I do have quite a bit more on my 'to learn' list:)

What color are you drawn to this month? Have you visited your local nursery yet? I almost, almost, almost bought some herbs, lettuce and more bulbs...but the snow level is dropping and we've already had some hail. Despite the blooming taking place in the garden, I think we're not done with winter yet.

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