20 February 2012

There Are Only Two Kinds of People...

I used to think there was just one kind of people.

My type.

People whose time at the coast wasn't complete

till they had seen one (or a hundred) of these babies.

People who would save (or bring) food for them--

or at least hoped someone else would.

People who knew the BEST places to find them

(and considered this knowledge something to share only with their best friends...

and other family, of course). And then after making them affirm, most sincerely, that they would never divulge this information to anyone.

And so the years passed by and I continued in blissful ignorance

until THAT day...

the day I learned there was indeed another type of person...

the kind that didn't like seagulls,

the kind that thought of them as (sob, sob) nuisances...

I am still recovering from the shock of that day.

So what kind of person are you?

Do you like them,

have hundreds of photos of them and

gleefully jump up and down when someone feeds them

(so you can take more photos to add to your collection?

Or do you consider them something akin to the birds

of that famous movie by Alfred Hitchcock?

Blessings, Aimee

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