27 January 2015

Of Garden Surprises + More

Last Saturday found me--
not on a lovely sandy beach nor on snowy mountain slopes I'm sad to say.
I did see a lot of the bathroom floor I was lying on for quite awhile though.
Sigh. I hate being sick.
Later that day, and on Sunday too,
though still a bit shaky I was able to get outside and explore the gardens.
Our wonderful and very dependable camellia sasanqua is still filled with pretty pink blossoms.
A bit closer.
Probably should have used a tripod on this shot.
A bit further along, the candytuft is starting to bloom.
Hey, what?
We are still in January right?
Yep. The calendar still says we are.
The Oregon Grape looks like it might be preparing another garden surprise also...
The lower pond was a mixture of blue and white from our lovely spring-like day.
I LOVE this time of the year because I can enjoy the ponds and NOT run into the slithery ones:)
A look in the upper pond...
I LOVE lily pads!
And on the deck table
and on our bed
and in the G room work continued on the project...
cutting out the scalloped accent...
can't believe my hubby drew this freehand from a picture on my phone!
finials attached.
Any ideas what Aimee's dream was?
My son said yes to sharing the recipe and so, after a bit of texting back and forth,
I have it written out and will post it here soon. Thanks for asking:)
Awhile back (November) you asked me for a bigger photo of the koi pond. I did get one this weekend. It's not the best because all the vegetation looks really dead and there are plenty of weeds too, but I can post it or try to get a better one for you once the pond plants come out of their dormancy.
Back in September you asked me for the info on the organic fruit tree pest traps. I finally found it during one of my cleaning/sorting missions. Would you still like it?


Linda W. said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Looks like you are enjoying our "Juneuary" weather.

Terri B said...

Thanks, I'll watch for it! Sorry you've been feeling bad. My grands have all been sick and my youngest one (3) has the flu right now. High fever..I feel so bad for the little guy. Things are blooming here too- the high today was 75.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Aimee! I am so in love with that Camellia! Since they closed Drakes 7 Dees on Stark St here in Portland, I am finding it difficult to buy nice plants. I wonder how I could get one? Sorry you're sick.. we've also been under the weather for several days. Thanks for showing me more of your ponds. I wish ours was bigger. Are you making a bed? Can't wait to see.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Aimee I'm so sorry you were sick. Glad you're up and around now and I hope the shakiness is all gone today. You and Teresa have both posted such springlike pictures today. I think I need to move to Oregon. Although my rhubarb is showing, I know there will be no flowers outside until May at the earliest. I can't wait to see the entire finished project. That wooden finial is beautiful.

aimee said...

Thanks! I am really enjoying their blossoms and hoping for more soon! It was great to see you skiing again:)

You are most welcome! If you have any questions, once I post the recipe, just let me know and I will text my son with them. Oh no! So sorry to hear your grandkids are ill. I'll be praying for them...the flu has been bad this year. WOW--where did I put that plane ticket to Arkansas??? LOL. Enjoy your wonderful weather!! :)

I really love that camellia too! I can try to find the name of it for you if you'd like. I am sure I wrote it down somewhere or my gardening expert friend might know. I am more familiar with nurseries west of you, but you could check with Al's in Gresham as they probably carry camellia sasanquas. I can't recall for sure, but I might have bought it from the Al's in Woodburn years ago--maybe? Also, it looks like Drakes 7 Dees still have a garden store in Raleigh Hills if you want to check with them (closed till February). I am sorry you're not feeling well either. There are some nasty bugs this winter. Hope you feel better soon.
You are most welcome. I will try to get a better pic when things green up a bit but it's the size of a small swimming pool. Your pond is beautiful and I love your rocks and waterfall!
We ARE building a bed--a very special type of bed and that was a great guess! We will hopefully be done with it this weekend.

Thanks! I am glad to be better. I am enjoying all the signs of spring here and in other blogs. It sounds like your climate is similar to my daughter's who lives in Utah. She tires of it too--but there is a lot of beauty east of the Cascades and your lake is SO gorgeous!
I loved the finials too! Since I was sick, my hubby went shopping for them all by himself and I love the ones he chose! I can hardly wait to show the finished project (a bed, as Teresa guessed) soon.

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos!!!

Sam said...

Very nice. Things are still pretty cold up here so nothing's blooming yet. We hope that you're feeling better. Was it the flu or a migraine?

aimee said...

Thanks! Our weather has been very weird this year. This past weekend was more summerlike weather then winter in parts of western Oregon. It was probably gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and yes, feeling better now:):)
Hope you are doing well my furry friend (and family)!

aimee said...

Hi there! Thank you so very much for dropping by and leaving a comment too! Happy to hear you enjoyed the photos--hopefully soon there'll be more scenic ones of our beaches and mountains:)

Helen said...

Hello <3
I am sorry to hear you did not feel well.... I hope you feel better now.
The photos from your garden are beautiful, with all the icy ground here in Norway now I look forward to a warmer season.
Take care.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick; no fun at all! But hopefully the unseasonably beautiful January weather is helping you to heal. I've heard from our kids that it has been warmer than usual in Eugene area too.

Your camellia is absolutely beautiful and you didn't need a tripod, it is a perfect shot of a perfect flower.

Your husband is very talented!

Bethany Carson said...

So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well Aimee! I hope today finds you healthy and happy. It is good to get outside for a walk and some fresh air after a tough day, and you put your time outside to good use, capturing all these lovely photos for us to enjoy. Thank you! The candytuft is really beautiful! Living in Iowa, as I do, it's hard to believe that flowers are blooming in January--but as they say, seeing is believing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Love in Christ and blessings!

aimee said...

Hi! Thank you. Some days are better then others but I am better then I was Saturday. Thanks -- I am happy I could share the photos with you. I look forward to spring too and seeing more of your pictures!

You are SO right! It has been warmer then usual and it looks like February will be unusual too. Kind of miss not having any snow, but maybe next year.
Thanks! I am glad you liked our wonderful camellia! It really has put on quite an amazing show this year:)
I agree--he's quite talented. Tonight he painted the bed and it's looking good--although it's in a bunch of pieces right now--LOL

Thank you Bethany. I've been so-so today but was able to get a few things done. Glad you enjoyed my garden walk photos--it's nice to share a bit of spring with visitors! It's hard for us, here in the PNW, to believe some of them are blooming too! I have two camellias that bloom during the winter, but anything else is s BIG surprise!

Becky L. said...

Sorry you were not feeling good over the weekend. Loved all the photos of budding plants. It's amazing how mild our winter has been. I am noticing my daffodils are wanting to bloom already. Hugs and have a great week!!

aimee said...

Thanks! I am feeling better now--yea! I can hardly wait to see photos of your daffodils once they bloom--I always look forward to seeing their cheery color!!! Have a great and very blessed Sunday:)

Jill said...

Beautiful photos! Today all I am seeing is lots of snow and missing Spring! Lovely blog, glad I came acrossed it. Have a wonderful day!


aimee said...

Thanks for your visit! I was so happy to hear my spring-like photos blessed your day:) We are definitely having odd weather this winter, but most people are enjoying it--except for skiers who are feeling the lack of snow in the mountains.
More spring blossoms to come...
Blessings, Aimee

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying you are now feeling much better.

Thank you for the wonderful photos. Hopefully Spring is not far away. Here we still have Winter lasting for ever.

God bless you and your family.

aimee said...

Thank you for your prayers! I am feeling better from that weekend but now have a slight cold. I hope spring shall arrive there very soon! It is one of my favorite seasons and I know many others also look forward to it:)

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