13 March 2009

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I walked through this Covered Bridge on a nice sunny day...
to the other side.
On the way through the bridge I saw this view; I liked it.
Then I went hiking, on a trail near there, where I saw this and a whole lot more.
After the hike, we drove through the mountains and saw views like this...
and this...
And then we were over the mountains
and we ate here, surrounded by western decor in a western town in the Northwest.
It was a good day.
Then we got in our vehicle and drove around some more..because
we like road trips and besides there are no passenger trains or stagecoaches that go there (though I'd consider taking them if either was an option)

So on our drive around this area and on the way back,
we saw a lot of beautiful scenes like this one.
But there was one that wasn't beautiful.
In fact it was pretty horrible.
The last time we 'saw' this view it was dark outside and there was fire on both sides of the highway; we could see it. There were a lot of people fighting the forest fires then. Fires were bad that year in the Northwest; some roads had to be closed.
The photo above was taken the year after we drove through--on that night--to get to my grandchildren.
Mottoes --

Only you can prevent forest fires; please do that (actually that is Smokey the Bear's motto; but I believe it)

Nothing keeps a grandma from her appointed mission, not even two forest fires.

I'd rather see photos like this one; the one above makes me sad.

and last but not least--it helps to have a PC 'tell' you where you were 5 years ago today.


Do you know where you were March 13, 2004?


I know where I was March 13 -- 13 years ago today.

My cell phone told me that but it didn't have to:)

Some things you don't need reminders for.

Blessings, Aimee

Photos: Cascadia, OR area; mountain views Sweet Home to Sisters (the restaurant was there) to Bend; then Bend towards the valley via Detroit Lake.

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