11 March 2009

Walks in His Gardens--Southern Oregon

It is a blessing to have family!!
When you & that family both share a love for travel, nature & photography that is a blessing too--especially when they send me a lot of great pictures!
And it's more than wonderful when they give their 'favorite' relative, me, permission to share their photos here so you can see some of their photos too :)
Thanks MB for letting me share your trip photos on my blog!
See ya soon:)
Located in the southernmost part of the Pacific NW is an amazing place just a little over the California/Oregon border. It's a place of rugged, wooded mountains, historic towns, Shakespearean Festivals, Lithia water, a wild river and so much more!
Oh--did I say it's close to the memorable Crater Lake too??
Well it is and I vividly remember my last trip up there--with family and accompanied to the beautiful voice of Marvin Gaye on the stereo. Ah:)
But this post is not about that trip.
It's about another really amazing place there ...
an area that has always fascinated me to no end
but which of course I would never be brave enough to climb up.
However, through the kindness of family, who made a recent trip there,
I may not have to -- because I now have pictures from the top!
FYI: Actually this place is really two places, two not one buttes or mesas that rise up from the Rogue Valley floor--the Upper & Lower Table Top Rocks.
From what I understand it is not too long of a hike,
has spectacular views of the surrounding area
-and in spring-
there are wildflowers on the top !
But before I show you those great photos: my very bad, taken from a moving car, photo of one of the T-Top Rocks to give you a little idea of what this baby (at least one of them) looks like from the valley floor. Yea I know -- I am SOMEDAY going to fulfill my long held goal of getting a good photo of this butte (from the bottom of course).
Now the good stuff:)

Beautiful huh? I hear it was really cold!
Isn't this neat with the fog covering the valley; I really like this photo!

Another beautiful shot of the amazing views from the top! Yea, the fog has cleared now!
And now onto the other mesa--taken on an earlier trip there.
Disclaimer, liability release, warning ya cuz' I care about you statement:
Please check out good, reliable sources of hiking information for these places if you decide to go there and be very careful, OK? You need to be aware of the possible dangers of this area (snakes, cliffs, no water, poison oak, etc) and prepare for those per the recommendations of the good, reliable hiking information source you are going to check with, please.
Aimee, as I have said, has never done this climb so she cannot recommend it for kids or others as she doesn't have first hand knowledge of it. These are just beautiful photos of the NW I want to share with ya all :)
Steep sides but a nice view.
Look at these wildflowers and those mountains!!
God is an amazing artist!!!
I am thinking if earth is SO beautiful, what will heaven be like?
Blessings, Aimee
Photos: Manzanita tree (MB), Southern OR mountains (2, AB), Table Top Rock (AB--but it is hard to take credit for it:) ), Table Top Rock views (4, MB)

Note: There is a lower Table Top Rock & an upper one. See link for further info.

This post: Copyright 2009 A.& M. Blessings, All Rights Reserved.

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