12 March 2009


Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful sunny day (actually I awoke to a friend calling me at about 10:30--but the above sounds so much more poetic)

After a long hot bath (it wasn't exactly warm inside or outside of our house yet)...I opened the window blinds and saw --- ta! da!--the first bona fide grown on our land, blooming daffodils of the season! Now the sight of bright yellow flowers made my day, but it got better (not before some not so good moments though).

At some point, I proceeded to do a few chores like dishes, laundry and other stuff like stupidly trying to dry a lid in a hot oven that shouldn't have been there and then I....

got out of my house really quick because the fumes of the melting or too hot plastic or vinyl or whatever the lid handle is made of caused me to choke, gag, cough and otherwise try to rid my lungs of it.

It wasn't an experience I can recommend to anyone so NO drying
that type of lid in hot ovens, OK?

But, before my quick exit, I did manage to grab my camera and was able to get a few (yea right, Aimee never takes just a few) photos of the very blue water of one of our ponds and trying hard to open buds, sunny yellow daffodils, colorful fish, green plants, raised beds, etc under the beautiful sun. That was really, really nice:)

Hope your day was blessed with beauty and no melting plastic or whatever noxious fumes:)

Blessings, Aimee
(and you thought I was organized enough to have processed the photos by now)


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I can't wait to see your pictures.

I am a little jealous that you were still in bed at 10:30!

aimee said...

Oh, no! If I had known that you would be "a little jealous" about my rising time, I wouldn't have stayed in bed today till noon:)
Blessings, aimee

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