12 March 2009

Of Daffodils, Ponds & Fish

Sunny Daffodils
A small clarification: technically I believe these are bona fide nursery-grown, transplanted in my garden several years ago, daffodils; as opposed to nursery-purchased and planted in the fall daffodil bulbs. Confusing huh?
These are Tete a Tete's I believe. They are one of my favorites because of their small, dainty size and early bloom. I have more in my kitchen that I bought from a nursery in mid February when they were in bloom.
Lower Pond View

This is our lower pond which is stocked with fish. It is about the size of an in-ground swimming pool and we (well the males among us) have used it for swimming before). The grass around the pond looks a bit dead right now but that won't be forever. That open area is where I want to build a bridge and the area to left is where I want to make a seating area (there will be one at the upper pond too). It looks a lot better now because my best friend and I did a lot of work out there today.

Lower Pond Koi

Have you ever seen Evan Almighty? Well our koi must be related to the aquarium fish in the Senator's office (if you've seen the movie that comment will make sense; if not--rent the DVD--you'll like it!) Of course the fish pictured here were a bit disappointed that 'Evan' (mom) didn't feed them. Silly fish! It's still winter:)

Can you tell I am getting over my many years of perfectionism? Yep, the old me would have either a) deleted the outline border on this photo or b) put borders on all of the photos. Now to really break that old, vicious streak--I give you another pond view with a different border outline.

Another Pond View

"...the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof."

I Corinthians 10:26 KJV


Hope you have a good day tomorrow and that you take time to walk in His gardens.

Blessings, Aimee
Photos: as labeled above.

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