13 September 2010

A Walk Through PNW History: Thompson's Mill

Not sure if it is my pioneer DNA,
or the fact that I love, love, love historical places,
or that the nearby town of Shedd is SO very close to my beloved Sweet Home...
but I just couldn't resist visiting this fairly new (2007) Oregon State Heritage Site!
Can I just say right something right now? I am so very glad I did!
Want to join Farmer Boy and I ?
We arrived at the mill one sunny Sunday morning and for quite awhile had the place to ourselves---except for the helpful park staff!
This is what it is all about!
Come to think of it...this would make a beautiful 'bouquet' for the table--
it's SO natural and earthy!
Old millstones used to grind the grain into flour; later they would use metal rollers instead of the stones...
I do love these though!
BTW--this mill is the OLDEST surviving gristmill in Oregon.
In fact, it opened not too many years
after some of our family's ancestors arrived in the PNW
and before Oregon's statehood.
Look at these old grain sacks..beautiful!
How would you like to get your flour this way?
And this amazing collection?
and there was more!
Old posters, ads, photos are to be found on the walls --
throughout the mill, which is a really big place!

(BTW--they do give tours,
which I am sure would have been fascinating...
but we chose to do a self tour).

Whichever way you choose-
there are exhibits, machinery and equipment of every sort...
to help you understand the different parts of the mill, the equipment you are seeing,
the history and more!

Since my DH is very mechanically minded, he was able to help with info too!
(I love that about him)

Love this old building---
part of it is built over the water---and, have I said this yet, it is TALL and HUGE?
It was a high point of our trip that day--

and I am still enjoying it by looking through the many, many photos I took:)
A peaceful view...
why don't we stop and enjoy it for a moment?
See you for part 2 of the tour in a few ...
Blessings, Aimee

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