08 September 2010

Of Squirrels, Oaks and Acorns in High Places

It was peaceful up there that day.
Over our heads was a mostly blue sky
with a few white clouds to add interest.
After a bit of a climb
we paused to take in the serenity of the place.
a friendly couple stopped to visit with us for quite a long time
as we sat on a bench overlooking the beautiful valley below,
and the mountain range beyond.
But later we
spied another visitor (or more likely a resident)
who didn't have time to visit--
A very cute visitor/resident
A very athletic one too
Guess he couldn't stop and visit because
he was on a mission--
a food gathering one.
And we, his amused observers wish him much success always,
because even though he didn't stop and visit,
he blessed us anyway!
Blessings from the PNW,


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Aww...cute!!!! Yep, he was definitely on a mission. You took a really nice photo and he must have been moving pretty fast...so that's an especially good camera you have, too :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

aimee said...

TY Heather! I think he was adorable--but I adore squirrels:) Regarding the photos--I can't remember for sure, but I probably had the camera set for an action shot--that is what I did on the photo of the super cute fluffy dog:)

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